Tounge Tied

I want to write- but really- there isn’t anything to write about- I haven’t done anything but go to work & come back. I know no one wants to know how I saved people money but made an old lady mad because our programming packages didn’t include a cheap option which included some channels she wanted. Although I dread it because it will be a huge mess for me & those I work with- sometimes I hope that they actually make it so people can subscribe to individual channels that they want & they don’t have to take all the home shopping networks & sports channels which are foisted upon them in an effort to give homogonized- appeals to everyone packages.

(remember- I’m speaking as Becky the private citizen here- not Becky the employee) As I mentioned before- It would or will be a big huge mess which will undoubtedly have me tearing my hair out during my working hours for months. Of course – on the other hand- I could finally have VH1 Classic- History channel international & Boomerang which are not worth another $10 a month to me right now but which I really do like a lot. (Like I don’t watch enough tv already)

No one wants to hear about my co-worker who drives right past my road every day & is not particularly interested in car-pooling- probably because I never leave at the same time every day (although if I shared a ride I would have to make more of an effort to be consistent because I would be embarrassed if he rolled up & I wasn’t ready to go) This morning I was reaching the junction of my road & the main road & he drove by- at roughly the speed of light- before I could even pull out of the road he was 2/10ths of a mile ahead- I tried to catch up but there was no way- he is apparently trying to break land-speed records.

We both stop at the same store every morning & he was on his way out with coffee when I pulled in to get gas– that should give you an idea of how far ahead of me he was & I am no slouch- People drive too slowly for me most of the time- although now that I’m nearly 40 I do often pull over for younger people who drive faster than I do (I just didn’t realize my co-worker was one of them) I prefer it to driving bat out of hell & worrying about my tires & taking that silly jeep over an embankment – or hitting a deer as 12- 9 & I almost did last night after going to the store for my sobe drinks ( I Bought 4 of them last night to take me through the week because the aforementioned store doesn’t have any at all)

See- I’m so boring I’m putting myself to sleep!


5 thoughts on “Tounge Tied

  1. You’re not boring. You saw a deer AND got to go to the store. Boring people just stay at home and watch deer on tv and wait for the Sobe commercials to come on. Of course, the also probably have the History channel and MTV Classic!

  2. I have History channel-it’s History Channel International that is part of the expensive package.
    The deer is not a good thing- it would be nice if they were infrequent enough to be exciting – but they’re all too prevalent.

  3. If everyday was exciting, we’d all need to be on Prozac! Picking individual channels would be awesome. Then I could stop blocking Fox News and just not have it! I, too, am on the other side of the political spectrum from Palin but that SNL rap was the BEST! “Can I get a “What! What!” from the senior section?!?!”

  4. Kristi- Would you believe I actually field chats from customers who are angry because we don’t have FOX News in HD?!?!
    Like they really need to see that O’Riley goofball up close & personal!

  5. Hey there. Just dropping in to say Hello.
    I remember well when you were that speedy and on the wrong side of the road most of the time! LOL. Happy Happy Whut Whut!
    ps Thanks for stopping by Cols for me last night. Preciate’ ya!

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