Random Foolishness

I am not even going to try to be coherent tonight-

I go to this one gas station which is always the cheapest around but also insists that you come in & get your check pre-approved before pumping gas when paying by check. Tonight I went in- got milk- a soda & snack for the ride home & wrote the check for $30 in gas plus the other stuff.

I trapised outside stowed my purchases & started pumping the gas. Gas is down to $2.97 here just now and I wondered how full a tank this would give me since I was starting with about a quarter of a tank. At $25.64 the gas pump shut down! I don’t know how much gas 30 bucks buy with the price that low! Especially in this car- I think gas has been over $3. a gallon for as long as I’ve had the car!

Not complaining now- it can stay this low or lower (please-please- lower!) forever for all I care! It’s just going to take some adjusting in my calculations on a daily level. I was pleased to find that the state of Oregon came through with my ex’s child support again this month. It’s 1/3 less than it was which I guess is because my 18 year old is now 18. However $225 a month for 3 kids or 2 isn’t very much no matter how you slice it (not when you consider that I’m wondering how I’m going to be able to buy a pair of shoes for myself because every time I think I can buy one- either 9 or 12 outgrows theirs & mine have to be put off again)

I am listening to Duma Key on book on CD this week going back & forth from work. I haven’t listened to many books on CD this year & I’ve missed them – it’s good – although I can see what some of the more negative reviews on Amazon were saying. One thing about King- he always is so conversational in his books- gets right into people’s minds.

I always think of something I read by a book reviewer about a certain genre of books- semi autobiographical- first person stories most specifically by & about women- (although I can think of a few similar books by men) the reviewer pointed out that many books were often these author’s only books. because they had specifically (unknowingly or not) drawn from their own lives too much to write the book & had no other voice after the first book was done. King used to be really good at not doing this but having read Bag of Bones 2 books past & now reading Duma Key I’m thinking that maybe he’s starting to at least use the same voice more often.

I don’t mind that so far because I like that voice. That outlook & cast on things. In re-organizing my books a few weeks ago I was struck by how many Stephen King books I have & how few of them were published after 1995. I still read them- but I mostly just take them out of the library now. The only 3 with publishing dates past 2000 are Bag of Bones- Everythings Eventual & Cell. I listened to Everythings Eventual back in 2005 as a book on CD during the time I was in limbo about whether or not I’d get this house or not & though I haven’t actually read it (with my eyes) it still brings up a lot of the memories from that time.

Back then we had a big blue couch which puffed yellow foam constantly. It would get all over the floor due to the kids jumping on the couch & although I covered it with a sheet & both 18 & I would stitch the holes up from time to time it hemmoraged more & more fuzz or foam. (we brought it here too where the problem continued & worsened) the vacuum cleaner couldn’t handle the fuzz & while I was listening to Everythings Eventual I was so caught up in it that I brought the CD I was currently listening to then (EE is a short story book & the story -recently a motion picture- 1408 is in it- that was the story on the CD I brought in) I crawled around on the floor picking up fuzz & stuffing it in a grocery bag for the better part of an hour while listening (even though I usually reserve books on CD for in the car only)

I told you not to expect coherence tonight.

18’s BF’s car is fixed. My gas money is saved- 20 mile round trip to take 18 to work 3 of 7 days a week was starting to hurt on top of my 54 mile round trip to & from work 5 days a week.

I am a little put out about work. Not only do we have bigwigs coming in on Tuesday they’re going to be met by former Governor of VA Mark Warner who’s also coming in the building. Why oh why couldn’t they do this Thursday or Friday- when I don’t have to be there to avoid eye contact & it wouldn’t bother me so much to have all the personality of my desk removed.

My page a day calendar of the stupidest things ever said has a quote from our current prez on Tuesday- I don’t know whether to put the calendar away or just not pull Monday’s page. I’ve already been instructed to take my “change the course 1/20/09” pin off my desk. (Even though my boss did acknowledge that Warner is a Democrat & wouldn’t be too likely to take offense.)

Speaking of Thursday or Friday- my work is having their Halloween ‘party’ for kids of employees on the Thursday before Halloween. I may actually offer 12 & 9 the option to go- since I have a full block of 4 days off in a row- I might not mind going in for fun. The last year we went (2006) they had a great ‘graveside service’ in the IT department – I thought both mr 9 & ms 12 were going to jump a mile.


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