Embroidery- Politics & Vampires

I’m so glad Y’all liked the Halloween links. I’ve been offline a lot just lately because I am obsessed with embroidering a mouse in a pumpkin. I’ll post a picture if I finish it before the 31st. I already have 2 more Halloween projects lined up because I’m foolish like that.

Kicks like I said before.

Ms 18 says she’s moving to Canada if the Republicans take the white house again. Mr 9 & ms 12 want her to go. We’re all pretty fed up with her holier than thou attitude since she got her job. As if walking around a nursing home for 3 – 8 hour days a week makes her better than me because I sit & type at my job (44 hours a week minimum- might I add)

Mr 9 is having trouble with the concepts of large number multiplication & I have now found out the reason no one could tell me when I inquired as to why I might ever need this sort of information (it’s to teach your kids how to do it so you don’t look like a dumbass) I am a math idiot I admit it. If it’s not cooking- time or money I avoid math at all costs.

While embroidering last night I was watching First Blood on HBO (well – on DVR from HBO) After viewing the first episode I erased it. I was through- I knew 18 & her BF had watched it so I did what I always do. Then I caught a big load of unreasonable hate from ms 18 because she wanted a friend to come over & watch it too. So imagine my pleasure when- at work yesterday I discovered there were DVDs of the first episode.

A co-worker needed one too & went to get us each one & he came back with these really cool promo things from HBO – vampire first aid kits! I took a picture of both & sent it to 18 to brighten up her day & let her know her friend could see episode 1 of First Blood now.


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