On A Kick

I tend to move in cycles- I know people who move through similar cycles- some more damaging than mine- some more innocuous I’ve had:
≈ Earring making kicks
≈ Embroidery kicks
≈ Quilting kicks
≈ Pumpkin carving kicks
≈ Painting kicks
≈ Drawing kicks
≈ Movie kicks
≈ Photography kicks
≈ Writing kicks
≈ Crocheting kicks (I was 7)
≈ Felt Mouse making kicks
≈ Clay crafting kicks

There have been times when I would only eat a type of food or other (not to the exclusion of all others but more than I should have)- pop corn- clam strips- Brussels sprouts- chocolate chip brownies have all had their time in favor & I should say the Brussels sprouts type foods would have been better to stick to than the others.

And of course my reading does the same thing – I’ve been into the Tolkien books multiple times- I’ve read only books set between 1300 & 1500. Only books set during the American Revolution & Only during the French Revolution. Only in the 1960’s about Hippies & a long period where I caught up with my own generation through Douglas Coupland & his ilk’s books (I started late on this & so had many Coupland books to choose from)

Right now I’m on 2 kicks one of which is a byproduct of the other. I have always loved vintage Halloween decorations. The funny thing for me is that they bring up odd memories & feelings. Not the sort of memory where I can say this is what happened and this makes me think of this. But just these impressions & feelings. I grew up in a house chock full of antiques & marvelous oddball things. I had access & quite possibly ruined bunches of things which I would coo or cry over in an antique store now.

Much of the things we had were in our barn because when my Grandparents decided to take my Grandfather’s ancestral home as their own (after my Grandfather’s mother died) And considerable work had to be done to the house so all the furniture & other stuff had to be moved out of the house & Into the barn. They brought things back in which were needed or wanted but a lot of things moldered out in that barn for years.

I can recall some of those crepe paper accordion folded pumpkins & black cats which I believe were actually from my mother’s stuff & then I remember other older ‘scary stuff’ anyone who knew me when I was 2 or 3 (or up until about oh- 20 or so) knows I was shy- scared- unsure of myself & afraid of almost everything. I did have a fascination with Halloween images though & these older things fascinate me still because they bring up these weird -not even memories- impressions would be a better word for it that I guess are from my very early childhood.

So in googling vintage Halloween decorations I’ve found that I am not alone in this obsession- I sort of knew this from the books on collecting this stuff- I just want to look though & I’ve found some really cool websites from people who are as into it as I am or more. (Ann- check out this one for a graveyard fence I want to make!- PVC pipe! It’s cheap & lightweight)

The other thing it brought up was people’s collections on flickr. I really want to get on flickr all of a sudden. I have a site where I archive my digital pictures – which I’ve been amassing since I got my first cell phone (and first digital camera built in) in 2005. I have just in the last year or so begun straightening out my pictures though & joining my grandmother’s pictures with mine and the idea of having them on the computer is great- but many of my albums are old & crappy & I had to afix the pictures to the pages so it would be difficult to scan them now.

Have to keep thinking about it I guess. I’m glad I found the sites though- they’re really cool & quite addictive!


4 thoughts on “On A Kick

  1. I love that pic of the Ladies Home Journal!
    We’ll have to get over there and visit on Halloween this year maybe ~ as Sami isn’t trick or treating.

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