Grind Grind Grind

That’s how I’m feeling right now- ground down. It would be better if I was grounded. Either sense of the word would do- Ms 12 likes to tell me I’m grounded & I gleefuly offer to go to my room- close the door & read. She is never amused by this idea.

If I were feeling more grounded I might not be getting the beginnings of a headache- probably work related & definitely ms 18 related. Isn’t it funny how just as you feel one thing is going ok a bunch of others go haywire? Last night I was all set to go back to work- 12 – 9 & I had eaten dinner. The dishes were done & I was just settling in here to complain about the two of them arguing.

Then ms 18’s BF got home from work. I didn’t realize anything was wrong at first but around the time I put yesterday’s post online I realized there were issues. His car hadn’t started after work & after a jump start to get home he rolled in here & it wouldn’t start back up again. 18 had a friend here & they tried jump-starting it off of the friend’s car. No dice.

18 was especially upset because the three of them had plans to go out to dinner & grocery shopping- this was her first paycheck ever & she wanted to spend it. The friend’s car is a 2 seater so they couldn’t take his car. I told them I didn’t have enough gas but if they’d put in some so that I had more than I started with (I had a half tank) that it would be ok if they took my car.

They did- nothing went wrong on that part of it. I folded clothes- watched episode 1 of first blood from my DVR. Still not sure what I think. Some of my co-workers & ms 18 were really gung-ho about it but I’m going to have to reserve judgement until I’ve at least seen the other 3 episodes I have stored on the DVR.

I discovered in the morning that they had left me with 3/4 a tank of gas which is good- I already have to kite a check on Monday or Tuesday- this will off set it a little bit so I’m happy about that. It turns out today that they think it’s the alternator & the BF can’t afford to fix it before next week when he gets paid again. So now we’ll be sharing rides some of the time & 18 is all upset because she’s got to wait for me on Monday & Tuesday after work again.

Sigh- if only we all had such difficult problems as what to do for 3 hours after work.


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