Because I Said So….

Today was quiet in a lot of ways (ear shatteringly loud in many others)  12 & 9 have quick tempers & seem to be at each others throats over so many things very quickly.

We (or they really) argued about if 12 was getting up when 9 & I did. Who was helping with the pancake making & who was clearing the table & cleaning it. About who was clearing the plates afterwards & who had to pick up what while we were cleaning the house before decorating for Halloween!

They argued about where the decorations went & how they were going to be spaced. About who was going to sit on the couch with me while we watched a movie & about who was going to sit in the front seat on the way to pick up their older sister at work.

They argued in the grocery store about what we were buying. Odd since I was the one with the money & what they were arguing about was not something on the list- nor did we buy the item (their arguing made for an excellent excuse-since I hate telling them the truth- I just didn’t have enough money to buy stuff besides what we had to have)

More arguing ensued after ms 12 got the dry laundry off the line & I put up more wet laundry – 12 left without taking the dry laundry with her & so I brought it in with me & called them both into the kitchen- there were 4 full baskets of clean laundry & the way I do the final steps of laundry is I bring (or have brung for me) the laundry to the living room & fold clothes while I watch tv- so I told them 2 each- thinking there’d be no argument at least between the two of them (they always argue with me about doing any of this sort of thing)

Nope. They still argued with each other as to which laundry baskets were heaviest and who had to pick up the things which fell out of the baskets on the way to the living room! They also ganged up on me – not to complain about the laundry hauling (too much- I did hear plenty of that too) but to tell me I’d better get the laundry all folded tonight because they didn’t want to hear ms 18 tomorrow about it. She doesn’t like the full baskets of piled laundry in the living room at all- clutter is her sworn enemy.

I feel like I should train to be a referee & get combat pay on a day like this! They’re also arguing with me on whether I should or should not make chores lists – I’m pretty dedicated to that plan at this point. I think it might cut down on some of the arguing as to who’s turn it is to do what chore.


4 thoughts on “Because I Said So….

  1. Looks like I might be heading over to WordPress, I’m checking it out now. Tripod added a new banner ad and it is blocking out everyone’s blogs. I’ve been waiting for a fix, all day, or even a response, with no luck! I think I might have to bite the bullet and switch, although I hate to because I’ll miss having all my history there!

  2. Ok… It’s created now. Please change your link. My new blog is:

    Come visit and say Hello!

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