Busy Days

I’ve been running around doing stuff for 2 days straight now. Somehow when I’m spending time with Chrissie- even when we’re just sitting around it seems busy & crazy. We went to her drug test for a new job yesterday- then we got license plates for her truck- had lunch & went back to her place for awhile- until it was time to pick her daughter up after cheer leading practice.

Then back to my house where we had dinner (delicious meatballs made by ms 18) ran a few other errands in Floyd & Then played rummy with Chrissie’s daughter- ms 12 & mr 9. after mr 9 was sent to bed & the rummy had degraded into picture taking & text messaging we tried watching a movie- we wanted something scary and since 30 Days of Night had just recorded the other day we tried it- after about 40 minutes we were disgusted & abandoned the idea.

Gross & harsh is not at all the same as creepy & spooky. I had watched a movie the night before called Wind Chill which I’d never heard of but was really good. We should have watched that instead but I’d already deleted it from the hard drive- it was creepy & scary enough but not super gross or violent.

Today we mostly just hung out- I sorted some laundry & ran the washer & dryer- Chrissie made a few phone calls- I tried to unclog the sink again – hung laundry on the line & made dinner. We went through some books for Chrissie to borrow since she’s on a heavy book kick right now & I got my book shelves rearranged in the process.

The kids brought home their school pictures today which was nice to see. Although ms 12 is sorry she didn’t straighten her hair on the day they were taken!

Mr 9 was determined to do some Halloween decorating & so we compromised. He did the graveyard outside on his own & Chrissie & I took pictures of him setting it up & he & his sister messing around with the graves after it was set up.

Then this evening we were going about our business(teacher work day tomorrow so the kids are home all day tomorrow & up late tonight) I was online & heard a kitten crying loudly- which is odd because they’re living in ms12’s closet in a box. Mr 9 came running when I called & we were shocked & amazed to find that one of our newest kittens had escaped the box- got itself all the way down the steps & was standing in the doorway of mr 9’s room crying (I have that experience myself sometimes due to the mess he leaves his room in so much of the time) This kitten is not even a month old yet! I think we’re in for trouble with this traveler.


One thought on “Busy Days

  1. My kittens were really advanced in the climbing and running areas too. They are just going to be 6 weeks over the weekend and I’ve been running like crazy after them for the last 3 weeks!

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