Don’t tell my kids-

I’m playing hookey from work tomorrow.
Well- not really hookey I took a paid day off- the company doesn’t know it was for no other reason than to help out a friend & to get a day off because I’m tired of working 5 days a week still. There are lots of reasons to be at home (after helping out my friend) though:

♦I Never should have changed from a 10 hour day! Never
♦I’m stuffy but not exactly sick.
♦I’m tired from staying up too late the last few nights.
♦I need to write a chore list for ms 12 & mr 9 because they both think they do too much.
♦I suppose since they’re still here I’ll have to include ms 18 & her BF on the chore list.
♦More because mr 9 & ms 12 will be mad if the older guys aren’t on the list.
♦I have entirely too many tv shows & movies on the hard drive to watch in the hour & a half I spend per night watching tv lately
♦Any good game night needs a nice- fun- relaxed day off before & after it.
♦Even taking this impromptu day off I still have 2 scheduled before & after Halloween
♦And another one saved in case I need it in order to have Christmas off (though it falls on one of my days off- Thursday- this year & I shouldn’t need that day off- It’s always better to be ready for oddball things)
♦This should ensure that I don’t have any rolled over days off to use up next winter.

I found why my seat in the car has been uncomfortable since the beginning- it has an air shock type thing which had me sitting really really high up- I was picking up trash in the car at home after work today & discovered it was cranked up to the top setting- I brought it down to the lowest & I can have my seat a lot closer to the wheel & reach the pedals much better now! Lol- Only 9 months after purchase!

Ms 18 is already crabby about working Thursday & it’s only Tuesday now! She used to get so upset at me on the night before I go back to work (As recently as this past Friday) for cramping her style/ruining her fun because I want it quiet when I go to bed. Now she’s worried about us all keeping her up all night on Wednesday when she has to get up in the morning. ( I told her payback is a bitch)


One thought on “Shhhhh

  1. I still have 4 days I need to take. Must get them in soon because I can’t take them around the holiday or payroll will be a mess.

    Oh and I too have tv on my harddrive most of mine is british telly though and its piling up. Need to watch it soon 🙂

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