Where I wanted to go.

Actually I never wanted to leave this morning. Monday is my Wednesday but I really really hate it like it was a ‘normal’ Monday. Traffic is always bad. Everyone in my house is in chaos from lounging around all weekend & staying up too late. This morning ms 12 was in the shower when I went in there before leaving for work at 6:40. Then I heard from ms 18 later on that 12 barely made it onto the school bus because she was still in the shower when it came at 7:25!!

Oh I was ecstatic to hear that. Of course – in typical mean mommy fashion I immediately asked 18 where she was while 12 was trying to melt herself down the drain. She explained that she woke up- heard the bus pull up & heard mr 9 calling 12 & came down the stairs to find mr 9 getting the bus driver to wait & ms 12 trying to cram her self into her clothes without drying off first.

All I can say is thank goodness I wasn’t here to see or hear this spectacle because no one would be able to sit down for a week! At least I got the dry laundry on the clothesline changed out with clean wet laundry by ms 12 today for guilt.

I was pettily annoyed today on my way to work because the store which usually has my Sobe lean energy drink was out of it. They had the sugared variety but I’d had one Sunday because they were out then too & didn’t think it was a good idea to have another. Which explains why I was drinking diet mountain dew at 8am today. Way too early in the day for that kind of buzz. After work I drove 15 miles out of my way to get a couple of Sobes tomorrow & Wednesday- dedication or addiction you decide.

I found out today that I won’t be getting any raises until February rather than the every 6 months that I used to receive before they gave us raises last year & capped us out. The new promotion took the cap off & I’m not up to the new cap for my current job description but it’ll be next year before I get any more. (I really shouldn’t complain- this time last year- before the raises with the caps & the promotion back in June – or was it July?- I’m making more than $5. more per hour this year than last year)

Considering what is going on around me with the economy etc. I’m doing pretty damn well & shouldn’t complain- however no matter how much you make- your bills always seem to expand to take up the available money you have. I was certainly shocked but not too surprised when I heard today that Wachovia was no more. They’re huge in this area & that will mean a bunch more people looking for jobs. Also – my job gives profit sharing- It’s all I’ve ever had for a retirement plan- what the company gives us as profit sharing & it’s  invested in company stock.

When a night working -co-worker came in this afternoon & told me about Wall Street’s latest mess I was more than a little concerned. I couldn’t look online at work because of the company’s software- at home I checked both the stock ticker I have on my home web-page Try $5+ per share drop in my company’s stocks. Just Today. On the investment company’s site & 7+ years of stock is almost halved over the course of a day.

On to even less pleasant topics of conversation (For some at least) – Politics! I was noticing on the way home from work & Chrissie’s house (had to pick up ms 12 who spent the weekend there this weekend) that every other house has a presidential campaign sign on the lawn. Many where next door neighbors were at polar opposites on the voting spectrum (I admit I wasn’t aware of the Green Party entry until yesterday myself) which must make for interesting neighborhood barbeques!

I had been thinking about getting a sign for myself & so last night – with ms 12 reminding me about it- I went to the official website & got stickers & signs sent to me. They said 1-2 weeks. I hope so because time is running out. By counting yard signs it seems to be an even draw here in my county. We’ll see how that goes when the time comes.

I changed to HBO just for this new vampire show (well it’s free for 3 months too- that helps) And I haven’t got time to watch it- of course I could be off the computer watching it I suppose. However it never seems like I have time to do more than watch the news these days in the evenings- even when I’m not online.


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