Good Day…

As in- I had one. Entirely without planning & I actually got a little done around here!
I woke up when the kids were getting ready for school which I viewed with mixed emotions- I always hate that on my days off- when I’m working- I’m up before them- make sure they’re up- dressed & reasonably clean (mostly mr 9) then I leave about 1/2 an hour before their bus arrives & they’re responsible for getting out there on time & not keeping the bus driver waiting (He’s let me know when they’ve done so) Of course now with ms 18 out of school & only working part time- she’s here but she’s never up that early.

Today they were running around & making noise & of course- I had to pee- so I got up & visited with them a little before the bus came. Once they left I went back to bed & knew no more until about 9:30. I was rather horrified by the mountain of laundry in my kitchen & on my bedroom floor- funny how on work days I just seem to miss that stuff- I decided maybe we ought to try to catch up since it’s going to be cloudy & rainy until Saturday around here & so while we can wash to our hearts content- the laundry is not going to be able to go out on the line if it’s raining.

So I called ms 18 to wake her up- she was not pleased but agreed that the laundry is going to be an issue if we don’t do something. She said she needed time to wake up properly & I said I was fine with that because I had to write out all my bills for this pay period. I then spent the next hour making calls I needed to make & writing checks for the bills I could pay this week. I’m still struggling over the idea that I’m making enough money to not qualify for any help now but that there is no extra money for anything & everything is getting so expensive.

ms 18 came in just as I was finishing up & we talked for awhile then she went to get dressed & I started looking over the laundry situation. I was pleased to find that 2 baskets I thought were dirty had clean clothes in them but upset to find a lot more wet jeans- socks etc- stuff that has to be dried in the dryer- lying around in baskets getting moldy.

Then I heard a screeching cry- I called up the steps to 18 & she said it was just one of the kittens. It had wandered out of 12’s closet where they have been living lately- the mother keeps carrying them back & forth between 18 & 12’s closets at random. I was horrified when I went to the steps to make sure the kitten wasn’t trying to get down them or anything- to see that mr 9’s room was absolutely horribly messy. I went part way up the steps to see ms 18 & the kittens & was not surprised but equally horrified to find ms 12’s room in nearly as poor shape as mr 9’s.

After a nice chat with ms 18 from part way up the stairs I went back down & got involved in picking up my room & cleaning up in general. Ms 18 came in to my room & we decided which one of 2 boxes I had painted identically (one for me- one for my grandmother) would be 18’s & which would be mine. She also decided which one of my father’s Zippo lighters she wanted to keep.

My father always had Zippo lighters & my mother has had them more often than not. My mother gave me all of my father’s collection this summer when we were visiting up in MA. I had given one to 18’s BF & one of her close friends. 18 had been trying to decide since we got home in July & I intend to give one to each of my close friends (Chrissie gets to choose next) My mother still has the matched set she & my father carried most often- with the date they met- the date they married & both my brother’s & my birth dates engraved on them.

Since I don’t smoke they’re just curiosities to display for me. Not something I will get daily use out of & so I would rather give them to those close to me because the snap -click sound of the lighter being opened- used & closed again brings me back to childhood in a second & I love those sounds & the little trip back in time.

Next thing I knew it was almost noon & I didn’t feel like we could go get the laundry finished in time to be back for the kids & for ms 12’s mentor who was coming over to have me sign papers for our exit interview- because the kids aren’t covered by insurance any more – the additional help they were getting in school from this mentoring program ends.

ms 18 wanted to run errands in town still & I had a few things I had planned to do while the laundry was washing- so we ran to town- got money – went to the Harvest moon- the post office & the hardware store where I got a new globe for one of my kerosene lamps- we’re headed into the season in which we most often lose power & so we’ll surely need them sooner or later- between the kids & the cats I only had 1 out of 3 lamps with a globe on it- the other two got broken last year. Luckily they’re not expensive.

We were back home & eating cheese & bruschetta (with olives baked in it- odd but pretty good- 18 insisted) a half hour before 12’s mentor arrived. We had also begun working on crafts. 18 had decided she was ready to make the necklace she had planned in the spring with the beads I bought down in Roanoke. So we settled in & 18 made her necklace- I finished  a pair of earrings I had started months ago. 12’s mentor came & went- 12 & 9 came home & we trasitioned from jewelery making to putting a pot roast in & peeling apples for an apple crisp.

Homework was done- we all hung around together & had fun. The whole day was just a lot of fun in general and then made even better with a good hot dinner which warmed up the whole house.


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