Have I mentioned

*That these kids are driving me mad
*When Ms 12 locks Mr 9 and ms 18 & her BF outside I’m giggling on the inside
*My hands look more & more like my Grandmother’s hands
*I wish I didn’t bite & pick at my nails
*Children should all have to go to bed before 9pm
*I hate football & never more than during the college season
*(that’s something I never shared with my grandmother- she loved it)
*I’m going through books very quickly again
*Not having anyone to talk to during lunch & breaks again works in favor of the books
*That I hate my job
*As someone who generally goes in tangents anyway the internet is a dangerous place
*Here it is 10pm & I haven’t done anything since I got home from work
*I admit – some of what I need to do I don’t want to do
*Even writing here isn’t what I’ve really been doing online
*Taking surveys- reading emails- getting carried away on political blogs- That’s what I’ve been doing
*I am so excited (& Jealous) I found a blog which is all this woman’s pictures of old abandoned farms & other buildings in her area (Illinois I believe)
*Exactly what I want to do around here
*If only I had a camera which wasn’t installed in my cell phone
*I didn’t even notice for 3 or 4 weeks after I got this most recent cell phone that it has a camera but no flash
*Ms 18 had to point it out to me
*I’m really not all that enthused about Halloween so far
*I actually received child support this month
*I’m already starting to factor it in to my budget again-even though I know I shouldn’t because I can’t count on him for anything
*When you’re too busy to read your 14 page local paper until the night before the next week’s version comes out- you’re too busy
*Or you have other priorities (like that demon internet)
*Why do we need tvs which are 1080p?
*Go out & live a life in 360 degrees & full definition!
*5 weeks of 6 day work weeks is 5 weeks too many
*Today is Friday for me
*I don’t have to go back to work until Saturday 8a.m.
*I’m really happy about that today too- all day long- all I could think of was:
*”I don’t have to come back tomorrow”
*I do wish for a job I loved wholeheartedly
*But at the same time- there is payback- I do feel appreciated
*I love the helping people fix their problems part
*There’s just so much petty stuff on top of all that
*And now the mixed joys of making enough that the government doesn’t cover my kids’ insurance
*The dawning realization that my job has also propelled me out of the Earned income credit bracket with no warning at all
*Last year the tax lady told me it would start to phase out
*This year without even realizing it- I’m there already!
*Mixed joys
*Like watching ms 18 get so proud of herself that she worked 2 8 hour days
*And knowing that all too soon it will be routine & painful for her
*Although- having done that job for 5 months back in 2000- I can say it’s a rewarding job in many ways


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