Today on the way home from work I saw the funniest thing!

I just wish I’d been more ‘together’ & not in such a hurry- I would have loved to have gone back to take pictures!

So I was driving out of work up the long road my company’s building is at the end of.

They keep telling us we’re going to be an industrial park but in 7 years only 1 other company has built a building & they’re not through with that yet either- so I am skeptical.

First as I’m driving I see something in the road- I offer up a mental prayer that it’s not another dead skunk (this year has been brutal with them & they’re all suicidal too)

Once I come up on it closer I realize it’s a jacket. Lying in the road. Odd but not unheard of – so whatever- then as I get a little further up the road there’s a shirt with the tie still hanging off the collar in the road!

Someone’s shedding their corporate skin I think to myself trying to remember if anyone in a supervisory position was dressed to the nines today or not- (we’re more business casual for the most part & anyone wearing an actual tie is either going to an interview or in trouble)

Further along there were shoes! Black business type shoes one up one down right on the double yellow line. I was wishing I could go back & take pictures at this point & imagining some guy driving barefoot & bare chested oh! I crested the hill before the highway & there were black pants & blue plaid boxers blowing in the wind!

Maybe it was someone’s laundry as 18 pointed out but I think somewhere in C’burg tonight there’s a streaking male driving around.

* Fans of Tom Robbins will recall that Naked is what you are when you have no clothes on & Nekkid is what you are when you have no clothes on & are up to no good!


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