No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished….

As my Grandmother used to say. This was often accompanied by a sigh or a rueful laugh depending on the situation. My comment tonight is accompanied by a scream of raging frustration! It’s work related so I can’t really get into details because all 3 of the people who read my blog would fall asleep & hurt their noses on the keyboard if I described it in detail.

Suffice it to say I chose to do 2 hours of overtime tonight so that I can get out of work at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon & pick up ms 18 after her first day of work (just 3 hours after her day is over) and I was very sorry that I agreed to stay.

At first it was cool- because I technically worked 10 hours total they wanted me to take an hour long lunch- which I didn’t want or take – because why bother? If I’m going to take an hour lunch why not just work ’til 6 instead of 6:30? I was happy to take the third 15 minute break though (paid) and like usual I was late going to it so I only had an hour & a half left to work when I finished the break.

It was not a happy 90 minutes at all. We were out straight doing 3 chats at once the whole time & worse yet I had two separate very very upset people at the same time- I had to use the phone & call another department for one of them (I hate talking on the phone now that I’m on chat)

I set it so no more chats could come in & dealt with the 3 people I had to deal with . Once I had a handle on what I had to do for the person I had to call for & the other 2 people I was talking to had finished & departed I was stuck. I felt stupid waiting with just this one chat when we were still getting slammed.

There was 15 minutes left before I could leave. So I decided to take just 1 more while I was on hold on the phone & the upset customer was waiting (fairly patiently) I got another angry person – this one was mad because the chat function had dropped them twice already.

I was able to follow up with what the other two agents had been helping him with & we did get it resolved. Long after the guy I had to call for was finished I might add. As in I worked another half hour today! Instead of leaving at 630 I was there until 7.

Of course this was only a good deed in that the supervisors at my work are always whining about not enough people signing up for overtime on the weekends. Really I’m staying because my bills don’t get met (even at my new higher rate of pay) without overtime.

Still though – I resent every additional hour over 40 that I’m required to spend there (11 hours of overtime on this next check- only 5 & 1/2 paid at time & a half because of labor day) and it makes me feel better to feel like I’m helping. (I have no doubt I’m helping the people I chat with through work- I may be odd- quiet & grumpy at times but I know my job even if lazy people or people in denial may not like what I tell them- I’m rarely wrong at my job’s issues)

On the way home I stopped for McDonalds which I try not to do anymore (over the summer it was at least an every other night occurrence) but I’m used to being home at 5:30 & eating at least a bowl of cereal or something right after that so being still at work at 7 was difficult.

After that I had to stop for gas at the store- much to my chagrin- gas is still running around $3.80 here. I had hoped to wait & see if it went down after the weekend but given the choice of running the tank low or paying a few cents more per gallon I went with the paying a little extra.

After getting the child support money at the beginning of the week last week I filled my gas tank for the first time in nearly 3 months- since vacation at least- I put $20 in here & $25 in there but never actually invest enough to fill the tank. It was nice having it full & today it was a hair below half way. I wanted to get gas at half & have it full rather than running it to an 1/8 or a tank & then putting $20 in.

So this evening it had to be done- I could have done it tomorrow but it would have meant I would have been close to a quarter tank by the time I did it – which would negate the purpose of trying to keep the tank full & cause me to have to get up at 6:15 rather than 6:30 in the morning!

Ms 18 is bouncing off the walls in excitement over starting work tomorrow I will be more than a little interested to see how that goes when she’s actually worked there & whether she’ll love it or hate it. I’m also going to be interested to see how the old folks react to her green hair & multiple piercings – the boss didn’t have a problem with them- she’s not the first to work there with them either.


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