More Random Than Random

I’m still trying to adjust to not having the ceiling fans running 24/7 & it’s already cool enough that 18 is going around shutting windows.

Guess I’m going to have to deal with the plumbing situation in my bathroom pretty soon since we’re going to have to close that window & start with the plastic on the windows in another 3-4 weeks.

If I wasn’t already supporting Obama- this would have put me squarely in his camp right away.

Hurray for the last day of mandatory overtime (for the next week or so at least- I’m not holding my breath on this one) having 2 whole days off in a row next Thursday & Friday is going to seem like a mini vacation! It will be a nice lead in to having the 29 of October through the first of November off which I’m doing to use up some of my left over paid days off.

I was in a pharmacy today (after working until 3pm) looking for good deals on my continuing obsession with eye creams & moisturizers (when I’m really depressed & upset I often apply so many ointments I break out with pimples from them!- I still have scars from May when I went through my last bad patch)

I noticed a couple walking around with a baby in a stroller. I couldn’t see the baby- just the stroller & after a glance at the couple I assumed it was grandma & grandpa taking the Grand-baby out for a shopping trip.

They were in front of me in line though & I realized these people were this baby’s parents! Far be it from me to judge & looking at the expensive stroller- the costly clothes- the purchases & then after we left the store when they were settling baby into it’s car seat in their expensive suv.

They’re more equipped financially to take care of that little one than I was at 21- 27 or 30 the ages at which I had each of my kids. Also – it was 3:40 in the afternoon & neither one looked as though they’d been to work so maybe retirement babies are the new thing?

They most assuredly did not like my most prominent bumper sticker which reads “If evolution is outlawed only outlaws will evolve” which I think is a cute bit of silliness and a good spin on those NRA stickers about only outlaws having guns.

He was gesturing & she was shaking her head & looking at the back of my car disapprovingly after leaning close to their windshield to read the stickers which say “exercise your right to think for yourself” & “the only constant is change”

I am not surprised about this- I get lots of negative attention here in VA. In MA this summer- in rush hour traffic- on rte 128- on our way to take Samantha to her grandmother’s house- I had a very positive encounter with a tanker truck driver who went out of his way to wave & laugh at my stickers & give me a big thumbs up!

I have had co-workers quote my bumper stickers at me – not knowing it was my car they saw them on.

Which I don’t mind. I worked with one woman for 4 years before I realized her car was the one with the “I don’t mind straight people- as long as they act gay” sticker that I would always get a giggle out of on my way out of work each night.

Tax bills came out today Car taxes for personal property & the land & home taxes. Those at least are covered by my mortgage company (thank heavens)

Before the pharmacy I wandered around Michaels because I had decided to use the rest of the child support we got earlier in the week to buy some of the chocolate we’ll need in order to make chocolate pops for Halloween for 12 & 9’s classmates.

We had discussed what they wanted to do for Halloween this year & that’s what they said they wanted to do. I had spent $5. on 2 bags of chocolate melties last week on payday with the plan that we’d pick up a couple of bags a week until right before the holiday. I got the sticks- the bags to wrap them in & a really cute pumpkin mold along with a couple of bags of chocolate today just for extra.

We’ll still need more than that- 12 has 23 kids in her class alone- 9’s class is a little smaller- but with 16 kids it’s not tiny by any means. And of course I’d like to have a few to take to work & 18 will want some too I’m sure. This is part of the reason I wanted to take the 29th of October off too- to get ready for the pop making mess.

I was not surprised when my phone rang while I was walking around Michaels-I was surprised when I found it was the ex. I was even more surprised & a little irritated when I realized that he wanted to chat. He’s a big chatter. Before we were married- when we were married & for the first 12-18 months after we were separated & getting divorced he’d call & chat all the time – even when he was just at work & I was at home taking care of the kids he’d call if he was bored or it was slow & we’d talk.

Now that he’s divorcing the ex (who had a jealous streak a mile wide & freaked out if he called even just to talk to the kids) he’s been rather friendly again. It’s kind of nice. Back when I really missed him (2001 & early 2002) I used to say that it sucked to divorce because no matter how much someone you meet later loves you & how close you are with that person. They’re always going to be a little outside the mom & dad loop.

There is only one other person on this earth who was there with you when your kid or kids were born & when you brought them home from the hospital etc. Once you divorce. If it’s an acrimonious divorce (which ours really wasn’t – he just stayed away & also didn’t help – financially & otherwise- for a long time- which has led to my being a bit bitter- he redeemed himself in my eyes last year building the steps to the upstairs & other things he did to help out around here before they moved to Oregon) you lose that forever.

I’m glad we can still chat & visit (although I really wanted to browse Michaels child-free today after work) over the phone like that. His girlfriend is due 10/17 but he had to take her in last night because she was having Braxton-Hicks contractions which were making her feel like she needed to push (not a good thing 30 days early) It’s a confirmed girl so that puts him 2 of each. (I still have to say thank you god that it’s not me! Starting over at this age would be one of my most accurate representations of hell!)

18  starts her new job on Monday next week. 6 a.m. Bright & early. Not my idea of a good time at all! Although when I did that job back in 2000 & early 2001 I loved it (not the getting up part though- I’ve never been a morning person) Should be interesting though- seeing her working in the real world.


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