How are you?

I’m ok myself- tired & glad Thursday will be my last day of mandatory overtime for the near future at least. We’ll go back to being required to do 2 hours a week minimum. Unfortunately I can’t stop doing at least 4 maybe 5 a week. Although some small portion of the ex’s child support burden is coming in again (well- this week at least- who knows about later weeks & months- I know better than to actually count on it at all) Every little bit helps though I have to admit.

I’m now starting to really worry about how I’m going to pull off Christmas this year I’m doing 4 or 5 hours of overtime each week just to cover the gas & groceries (not to mention the bills) I don’t know how much more overtime I can do (or stand mentally) In a week in order to get Christmas gifts! I thought about making things but we already do that for everyone outside the house & I don’t really see mr 9 needing a rice bag to heat & put on the back of his neck to relieve stress (he’s more of a stress giver) I’ll have to think more about this & see what I can do.

The kids are painting my mannequin from cosmetology school for Halloween- I shudder to think what her incarnation will be this year. mr 9 is considering being a  headless horseman & carrying the head along with him. (someone saw Sleepy Hollow this year for the first time) That should be interesting. We have pretty much decided to lay low this year. Just go out trick or treating & leave a bowl of candy out on the porch or leave 18 & the BF home with the bowl of candy (probably a bad idea- at least for the trick-or-treaters)

Last year I put some really pretty pictures up daily through the month of October – I might do that – but maybe not every day- after all I don’t get around to writing every day lately. Though I do always pull it up I don’t always write because I’ve been feeling rather negative just lately & I don’t want this to be like the diary I had when I was married- where I only wrote when I was pissed off because I was too busy having fun to write when I was happy.

In a week where I found out I make too much money for my kids’ medical insurance to be covered by our state’s low income coverage (Famis) and the ex let me know he might be going back into the armed services- meaning they’ll be back on the military insurance- I’ve been worried & relieved by turns.

I also am pretty frustrated because I have ‘all this money’ -enough to be required to try to cover my kids’ insurance- but I can’t make ends meet on an 80 hour paycheck (bi-weekly) and have to work at least 10 hour of overtime. This is without insurance remember- if I had my company’s insurance I would need to come up with over $130 per paycheck more than I already do (that’s another 5 hours of overtime a week)- just to cover the insurance (however it would cover me too which Famis doesn’t & neither does the ex’s insurance) the deductible is a minimum of $20. per doctors visit too! So all that money out & still pay the doctor every time you go.

So between insurance & Christmas I need to work 15 hours of overtime a week (?) so go in at 8 & leave at 730 5 days a week. I don’t think so! (you know the scary part is a) they would be glad to have me -at least right now- b) there are people at my job that do that very thing – I did similar things for the first 2-3 years I was there- until my pay rate evened out to a point where I was able to make it on what I was paid)

2 Hours later- I’ve been out surfing blogs & through a convoluted passage which I could never re-trace I came across this– which makes me feel old- used up & concerned over my childrens’ futures. Go see because it’s definitely food for thought.


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