Once In Awhile

I’d just like things to go as planned.

I’m not even talking about the work thing. I’d settle for a peaceful night at home.

Ms 18 didn’t want to cook so she asked 12 to put dinner in the oven.

It was already in the oven when I got home so I didn’t think too much about it myself.

Then 30 minutes later mr 9 is freaking out because 12 didn’t put aluminum foil over the top of the pan & dinner was ruined.

So after 18 freaked out on 12 for failing to do the job that 18 should have done correctly 18 got the BF to  bring her home dinner.

12 & 9 had something else for dinner & I have a headache

The abstinence only program for the cats has resulted in a new litter of 4 kittens which were born today. I need to locate a male kitten to keep for a mouser & get rid of all the females- except for 18’s BF’s spayed female.

I overslept today.

Work was hugely stressful & my paycheck is for less than I expected – but oddly it is exactly 1 penny less than the check 2 weeks ago. Which is even weirder when you realize that I had a holiday day off- a paid day off- 5 hours of regular pay which would normally be overtime- but wasn’t because of the holiday day off & the paid day off & 4 hours of overtime on this check.

The check 2 weeks ago was for a normal 80 hours of work + 9 & 1/2 hours of overtime stretched over 2 weeks. but they worked out to the same thing.

It’s pretty sad when most of my political information is coming from here.

I’m going to get rid of Showtime after next week’s season finale of Weeds. I love that show – it’s so over the top.

I’m boring myself here so I’ll just sign off!


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