So Much for My Plans

As soon as he arrived at work for his mandatory overtime- my co-worker who I was supposed to trade schedules with told me the plan was off. He said it was probably his fault- he says the powers that be don’t ever like him to be happy & that if I’d been trading with anyone else it wouldn’t have been a problem to trade but because it was him-it’s a no go.

He pointed out that we have an optional shift change going on soon enough. I was somewhat comforted- hoping for a 9 am to 8pm type shift & when my boss showed up for her mandatory overtime I asked her about it. She said that as far as she knew it was all morning shifts & a few which were 8 hour days going until 11pm. Nothing I can use. So I shall stay where I am (Unless my current time with Friday & Saturday off instead of my current Thursday & Friday off schedule is available)

Ms 18 got the job at the nursing home- she has to go there on Friday so they can xerox her birth certificate etc. Apparently she’s going to be working pretty much full time. 6 am to 2:30 with every other weekend off. When I worked there they wouldn’t give me full time so I worked as close as I could get to it- about 37 hours a week & I was reflecting on the way to work this morning (while I was thinking about her interview at 10:30 this morning) about the reality of it- cleaning the bathrooms & the shower rooms- cleaning the resident’s rooms & the gathering rooms.

Getting up at a ridiculously early hour & dressing mr 9 who was then not even 2 years old yet. Dragging him off to the babysitters -or where the ex lived with his girlfriend- Also known as his mother’s ‘guest house’ falling asleep by 8:30 every night because I was so exhausted from running around all day (I also lost something like 3 dress sizes while I worked there because of my activity level. If they’d pay me what I make to cater to tv-obsessed people at my current job to do that job I wouldn’t look back for even a second)

I’m taking my setback as the universe working with me because although I know things could have worked out well with my going back to a 10 hour day some things would have been difficult. Especially when 18 & the BF move out- 18 also got the paperwork to let her know she has a bunch of money available in grants etc for college so she’s planning to go in January now. Which is a relief for me. I don’t want her to be stuck in a dead end job like mine.


2 thoughts on “So Much for My Plans

  1. Oh… and another thing *Karen*
    You simply must… check out my post today. And, sorry your new shift didn’t happen as it should – but that is what’s supposed to happen! right?

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