My 99. Part 2 – 74-50.

74. Hurt ~ Nine Inch Nails or Johnny Cash- 1994/2002-I like both versions- (I’ll admit that I had never heard the NIN version until this summer)- up in MA- WBCN played it while we were there this summer. I had been exposed to the Johnny Cash version from a few years ago when the video was in heavy rotation on VH1’s morning show- which I would often watch while I ate my breakfast before leaving for work- back when I worked a mid shift & didn’t have to leave until 10 am.

73. Today ~ Smashing Pumpkins – 1993-just a happy song for me- I know the lyrics are darker than the chorus suggests – I like it anyway. I mostly remember it – when it was already more than a few years old but when I had just purchased the Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits & was listening to it non stop. I was just barely beginning to come out of the funk that my divorce had put me in- I had the basics covered- could make the lot rent- had bought a decent used car & wasn’t constantly in & out of the garage. It just sums up how I like to try to feel every day. Like it couldn’t be any better & all is just fine!

72. Champagne Supernova ~ Oasis – 1996 -This one was popular right around the time ms 12 was born. I must have heard it ten or fifteen times the weekend before I had her- especially as the ex & I drove to the south shore to visit friends of his for the evening that Friday before the big event. We were going because one friend had called to say that the pizza place he was working at was going to have a live band & he suggested we all go down to see them. My ex is still not terribly mature- taking someone 9 months pregnant to a concert is crazy- but being not terribly mature myself at the time- we figured due to the nature of the place that they wouldn’t play terribly loudly etc. We met another friend of the ex’s -P & his girlfriend there & had a pizza – then it turned out that the band had bailed. Since they didn’t want it to be a wasted trip the ex & his friend P decided to drink. His girlfriend was underage & I – of course- was pregnant so we go to sit there & watch these two fools get drunk doing shots of Goldschlagger. (at least she & I bonded- I hadn’t met this one before) We closed the place down & went back to P’s parent’s house. When we got there- I had to pee. (That’s one of those pregnancy things you know- especially at the end when the whole big baby is sitting on your bladder squeezing it into a container the size of a tomato) When I came out the mother of the friend was standing in the kitchen doorway talking to her son & his girlfriend- I asked where the ex was & P’s mother snorted & said I think he had pressing business outside. I went out side to find my husband kneeling in the front yard next to a largish tree holding onto it for dear life & puking. I held his hair for him (he still had a mullet back then) & a few moments later P thudded down next to us on the other side of the tree & began puking too. They then had a conversation about how much they loved this tree. I poured the ex into the car- drove home (65 miles I might add) & we went to bed. (the song is inextricably linked with the whole Goldschlagger experience in my mind)

71. Games Without Frontiers ~ Peter Gabriel-1980- Jeux Sans Frontières, I’ve loved this song for as long as I’ve known it- which would be around 1984.

70. Blaze of Glory ~ Bon Jovi- 1990- when this song came out I was a stay at home mom of ms 18. we lived with my Grandmother & I got most of my new music exposure from watching MTV & VH1 on the black & white tv we had in our living room downstairs (my Grandmother had a larger- color tv in her room. I didn’t care about tv enough to mind) So this song got stuck in my head & grew on me & for a few weeks I’d just burst out with ‘shot DOWN in a blaze of glory’ at random intervals. One day – as I was washing the dishes & chatting with my grandmother who was sitting at the table with 18- who was about 7 months old at the time) propped in her baby seat on the table in front of her. My grandmother turned to 18 sighed & said in a conversational tone ‘I’m not sure what’s wrong with your mother but I’ll keep an eye on you when she’s committed’

69. Drift & Die ~ Puddle of Mudd- 2001- I admit to feeling rather adrift when this song came out. This one- if I remember correctly was the one which prompted ms 18 to tell me when I was teasing her about her pop radio fetish (which- thank heavens- she has since outgrown) That everything I listened to was dark & depressing. (she cited Stained- Alice in Chains & Soundgarden in her defense & while I can’t exactly disagree I don’t exactly find them to be terribly dark & depressing.)

68. Crazy Mary ~ Pearl Jam- 1993 This song – as you’ll see if you click on the link was recorded by Pearl Jam for a benefit CD for the woman who wrote the song. I just remember it being on the radio all the time that golden summer & Fall of 1993. Before the ex & I were married & we lived together with ms 18 in a trailer here in VA. Very sweet memories of a lot of really happy times. Before reality descended like a plague of locusts.

67. Seven Nation Army ~ White Stripes- 2003-In the fall of 2004 I changed from working 4 – 10 hour days a week to 5 – 8 hour days (sort of what I’ve just done recently) my hours were the horrendous (for me at least) 7 am to 3:30pm. (I am SO not a morning person- this schedule meant that I was leaving for work at approximately 5:45 am) Many days while driving to work & hearing this song I felt like it was going to take a seven nation army to force me to go there.

66. Vasoline ~ Stone Temple Pilots- 1994-‘Flies in the Vasoline we are- sometimes it blows my mind’ another one which when it came out was just a cool song & then- in later years as I got older I realized how appropriate the lyrics are to my life.

65. Silent Lucidity ~ Queensryche- 1990-Just a pretty song. Though it does reference historically a time in my life shortly after my father died- when my grandmother & I still lived together but she was in Rockland with my mother & I was in Haverhill with 18 & Chrissie & her boyfriend came to stay with me & Then got their own apartment in Haverhill. Weird times all around.

64. Hypnotize ~ System of A Down- 2005- I am always amazed at how many people don’t listen to newer music. Like my ex- or people who are younger than me who I encounter at work. Who when they ask me what I’m listening to on my MP3 player don’t know who System of a Down or Filter (for instance) are. Another of my favorites.

63. The Weight ~ The Band-1968- More memories than you can shake a stick at- I can remember being 2 or 3 & hearing this song- It was in constant play when I came to VA the second time- in February of 1993 & was among the major songs in the soundtrack to my life that year & ’94.

62. Hunger Strike~ Temple of the Dog-1991- Yes- I am a fan of Seattle style grunge music. I admit it.

61. House of the Rising Sun ~ Animals-1964- I’ve always loved this song- as far back as I can remember & recently seeing an old 1964 movie on Showtime called top of the pops & seeing The Animals perform it increased my love.

60. Life is Beautiful ~ Sixx A.M.-2007- Last winter I was playing a song lyric guessing game with a co-worker. I used a line from this song which I like quite well. He couldn’t guess it but called it trite. When I told him who it was he wrote back ” I take that comment about it being trite back- I’m impressed that it’s coherent” Just thought I’d share that snicker since I don’t have any stirring memories.

59. Silent All these Years ~ Tori Amos-1992- Only 2 times has this happened to me: I saw a video on TV & the very next day went out purchased the recording. First it was “Welcome to the Jungle” I saw the video exactly once & went to the store & purchased Appetite for Destrction (pretty much the last actual vinyl album I ever bought new too) I saw the video for Silent all these Years on VH1 one time & a couple of days later while out shopping I bought Little Earthquakes. Being trained in piano I can really appreciate Tori Amos’ piano work & am still impressed that she’s out there playing. Pretty much my love for her extends only to this CD & Under the Pink. The other ones haven’t appealed very much I’m afraid.

58. Let It Die ~ Foo Fighters-2008- Sometimes I wonder about the aspect of my personality which so loves these ‘yearning after an expired relationship’ songs because there isn’t a single male-female relationship in my past which I am crazy enough to want to revisit. Still this type of song gets me every time!

57. Once in A Lifetime ~ Talking Heads-1980- I like this song in the same way I like the Alter Bridge song- I consider the lyrics uplifting & somewhat inspirational. This song is also memorable because the video for it was the first one I ever saw on tv. Back in the 80’s there was the Canadian SCTV- also the homeplace of Bob & Doug Mackenzie. Perpetrators of my kid’s favorite Christmas funny thing (well 18 likes the Cheech & Chong one better truly- but the youngsters think Bob & Doug are hilarious) So weekly my brother & father stayed up to see SCTV. I tuned in less often but happened to be passing through as this video came on. Ben was unimpressed & found it ‘weird & stupid’ if I remember correctly- he actually wanted to change the channel on the tv but I insisted on watching the whole thing. Little did we know within a year we’d both be obsessively watching “Friday Night Videos” & some terrible half hour long daily show on channel 25 for videos. And waiting impatiently for cable tv to come to our town.

56. On the turning Away ~ Pink Floyd-1987- I worked for a pizza chain in 1987- 88 & 89. Papa Ginos to be exact. Roughly in the middle of that time a manager came to work with us named Katie- she was rumored to be a big bitch. I didn’t mind her at first- until she impressed me with this song by insisting I tell her what it was about so she ‘could be sure I really really got it’ She was exceptionally annoying because when I went to the place next door (the 99) & bought a piece of cheesecake for my dinner one night (I was at the low end of my weight spectrum & so would often eat something like that as the only solid food I had all day) she nagged me to death calling me a piglet & decadent while I was eating it. I for one- was not sorry to see her go- though I’m glad she introduced me to this song because I hadn’t cared for the other single ‘learning to fly’ from this CD & wasn’t really prepared to listen to the rest of the CD.

55. Take Me Home- Country Roads ~ John Denver-1971- Another early memory. This one is one of those which always makes me think moving to SW Virginia was somewhat past life related or karmic. When I was a baby & a young kid (up to about 9 or 10) my father had a friend who’s step daughter was just my age- we played together a lot- her dad & mom didn’t always work & so day trips to Brant Rock beach in Marshfield were common occurrences. It was on the way home from one of those trips that I heard this song for what I guess was the first time ever. When they sang the ‘blue ridge mountains’ part chills went down my back. This happened every time I heard the song from then until about 2001.

54. Baby You’re a Rich Man ~ Beatles-1967- In the late ’70’s to early ’80’s at least once a year channel 56 in Boston would run Yellow Submarine on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon- it was about the only time I recall my mother sitting in the living room & watching anything with us there. It was a family event & this song along with Elanor Rigby are my favorite songs from the movie & some of my favorite Beatles songs in general.

53. Crimson & Clover ~ Joan Jett-1983- Oh lord this song is old! (not even thinking of the original by Tommy James & the Shondells) I can remember listening to it on the last VW bug my father had on AM radio while I was riding with him during his work day ( he drove around & sold coffee & coffee makers to offices)

52. Paint it Black ~ Rolling Stones- 1966- About the only Stones song I’ll sit through. I like the sentiment.

51. I’m a Loser ~ Beck-1993- This one reminds me of the winter after the ex & I were married. We had been married all of 6 weeks when his parents- brother & sisters & other family came to live with us during their transition from MA to VA (8 adults & 4 kids in a 2 bedroom trailer anyone?) It did not go well at all & within 3 weeks we were the bad guys & they were gone (all except the only people who could see our point of view- my ex’s cousin & her soon to be husband- who was also my ex’s best friend)

50. Solsbury Hill ~ Peter Gabriel-1977- I read that Peter Gabriel had a weird experience on top of Solsbury hill in the UK. Given the lyrics of this song I would imagine it must have been very weird indeed- I just think it’s a beautiful song.

About the pictures: #1- Ms 18 & Ms 12 within 3 days of 12’s birth. #2 18 at approximately 8 months. #3 Chrissie- Ms 18 & myself at Colleen’s house 1993. #4 12 & 9 in 2005 when they were 9 & 6 respectively- first day at the new house -where we still reside. #5 Me 1992. Me 1974.


4 thoughts on “My 99. Part 2 – 74-50.

  1. Wow…Crazy Mary and Hunger Strike would be on my list too. I agree with you about Hypnotize by SOAD. People our age just don’t check out newer music. They don’t know what they are missing!! Great list Becky. Solsbury Hill and Shock the Monkey remind me of roller skating for some odd reason.

  2. I don’t know how you can do this! It’s crazy – I could never pick and wouldn’t even know where to begin…. but you always were more into the music / musician / stats aspect of tunes.

  3. ok, here goes:

    72 – HATE THAT SONG GAK!!! (sorry lolol), 71, 63 (love it), 61 (first song I learned how to play on guitar), 59, 57 (LOVE IT!), 55, 54, 53, 52, 51 & 50; those are the only ones I know.

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