Sluggish Saturday

So on Thursday the check for the house repairs arrived. I have to meet up with someone from C&C on Monday to sign it over to them. It is killing me having a check for better than $10.000.00 which I can’t cash & don’t get a cent of! Worse yet – it’s nearly $2000.00 short! I had to call the insurance company for them yesterday because the insurance company isn’t returning C&C’s calls & also because C&C changed their mind about my taking the cost of Wildblue coming out to re-align my internet satellite dish out of my deductible (which I’m paying off $50 every two weeks)

So now I have to deal with the insurance company to get that $99.95 back. The woman in the main office was as horrible or worse than the agent in my area was the day the tree fell. (I have a strongly worded private post detailing what happened- which I intend to adapt to an email to both the better business bureau- the VA Insurance regulatory commission & the powers that be at the insurance company themselves. (I find it telling that I was filling out a survey on Survey Spot the other day & it was about homeowners insurance claims & was an actual J.D Power survey and they didn’t even list my insurance company) If J.D. Power doesn’t even recognize them well that has to say something (something not good) about the company.

I told the woman on the phone as much too. She took an attitude with me from the word hello. Said she couldn’t imagine why C&C would be calling her (being 2 grand short in their payment would seem to be a good place to start) She then got extremely skeptical with me as to why the insurance company should be responsible for the re-installation of my satellite internet dish. Well the tree damaged the roof extensively enough that the whole roof had to be replaced & though they tried not to disturb the dish it ended up that they had to take the whole thing down & even an 1/8 of an inch of a difference in the alignment of the dish makes a very large difference when you’re dealing with a satellite in geosynchronous orbit so it wasn’t something the roofers could just eyeball.

They assured me they could & I- being well versed in how seldom that works on my own employer’s dishes said we’d see- I should’ve bet the roofers because I was 100% right! Being right & out $99.95 doesn’t really improve my mood though. So after I went over this with the woman not once but 3 separate times she seemed to grasp the situation & said she’d get back to me & contact C&C. I for one am not holding my breath.

Work today after my one day off on Friday wasn’t sluggish we were busy all day & there is nothing I Love more than trying to fix something which is not fix-able by me. When I have to go to the ‘big guns’ you know it’s pretty serious. We were busy almost all day – which is nothing new at my job. I keep saying I’m not going to get online when I get home because I really can feel it when I’ve been typing & using my mouse on the computer at work all day long instead of in short bursts checking something or writing 2 sentences for a note on a customer’s account like I did when I talked on the phone.

On the other hand my throat hasn’t hurt at all & I don’t lose my voice in the middle of words as much anymore. I think the kids would prefer I did because I can yell at them more easily now that my voice isn’t so stressed all the time anymore.

Truthfully though- I’d rather be messing with hangman or one of the other games on my Wildblue start page or taking quizzes on OK Cupid than typing. Although it really does seem to be the mouse position which makes my hand & arm hurt the most.  The hangman is at least somewhat educational- I’m doing countries & while I may not be able to find Moldova- Belarus or Gibraltar on a map I can spell the hell out of them (I actually thought Gibraltar was a big rock out in the ocean but I guess not & through Wikipedia I found out it has a population of 28,875 & that the big rock is in the same place)

So Hangman isn’t exactly a bad occupation. Other than that & work being rough there is little I am at liberty to discuss. Ms 18 has a sore throat & is exceptionally miserable & rude acting just now. Enough so that the BF just stormed downstairs & out the door- got in his car & drove away! It might just be time for him to go to Dungeons & Dragons but he hasn’t been going lately & I could hear them before he stormed down & it was not happy sounds!

Ms 12 is growing up so quickly all of a sudden I can’t believe it- it seems like every second time I look at her over the course of a day she’s grown another inch- either in height or on her chest! I’m always embarrassing her now without meaning to do so & her attitude is so her dad that I have trouble choking down rude retorts which are not appropriate for me- as her mother- to say. She’s got her father’s sharp wit & don’t care what anyone thinks attitude down to a T.

Mr 9 is not doing very well keeping his room clean (don’t even ask about the garage area where he watches tv) & I’m fed up enough about it & ms 12’s similar lack of cleanliness that I’ve started threatening them with loss of wages (they get $10. each every other week when I get paid) He’s heavily involved in making ‘tracks’ for his matchbox cars to run on. Most of which run down the back porch steps at neck breaking slants which cause the cars to flip off the steps.


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