An Un-Laborious Day

Which I always thought was the point of labor day- to take it easy & not labor!

I’ve done pretty well with that today- I stayed up too late last night researching the dates of songs for my 99. And then watching the chaos of New Orleans as people evacuate on the national news which I had recorded on DVR. Once I got into bed I had to read some more ! (well I didn’t have to really but I really wanted to & what is the point of days off with pay if you can’t do something you wouldn’t normally do on them?)

When I got up I found that it was gray out yet again today & that we probably were not going to be going swimming with Chrissea & her daughter so after setting the kitchen to rights- washing a load of laundry & making my breakfast I got back into bed to read for awhile (I have to rest my hands & forearms from work now- because I chat with customers through a chat program rather than talking to them- I find that coming home & jumping right online has got to become a thing of the past for me now.)

I finished the Stephen King book- Bag of Bones & moved on to the first in a children’s series which I loved as an 11 or 12 year old. I have ammassed the 2 I had read plus another 2 or 3 in the series & plan to read them all. They’re by the writer Jane Langton who is much better known for her mystery writings for adults. However I’ve been wanting to re-read these for about 15-20 years now (as soon as I found out the Haverhill MA library didn’t have them at all & that the Rockland MA library where I read them first had discarded their copies)

So I went ahead & started them as soon as i finished the Stephen King book. After about a half hour though- it seemed to be time to give up for now & I got online. The kids are having a popcorn feast & mr 9 has gone outside in my cape to ride his bike & be the headless bicyclist. Ms 12 is making chocolate chip brownies & ms 18 is doing I don’t want to know- what upstairs.

Just as well not to know- I have been online for a few hours interspersed with more reading. I started looking around on Amazon for new books & came to the conclusion that if I get any sort of refund on my taxes this year (I’m really not holding my breath- even though half the year I didn’t make as much as I do now- I am already approaching the cut off for the Earned Income Credit) I am going to put it on a credit card so that I can get some books & DVDs.

We are going to have a quiet evening after all- probably we’ll just watch a movie together- the kids’ popcorn has got me hooked now! And enjoy ourselves (the best part is I’m off tomorrow too!)


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