Random Weekend Stuff

Mr 9 to Ms 12 as they settle in to play Rummy with each other: Let’s make this interesting

Ms 12: Not betting

Mr 9: Aw just a quarter – where’s your greed at?

The mandatory overtime at work is causing me to feel like I have not left work in 9 days now. I forced myself to work an extra 1/2 hour tonight & I’m going to have to work at least that much every day this week. Due to my holiday days off- the overtime I HAVE to work next week after Labor day will be paid at regular pay not time & a half like normal overtime. So in order to make ends meet I have to do extra overtime to cover.

My satellite receiver just gave up the ghost- no more recordings until the replacement arrives the middle of next week! Augh! I’ll be tethered to the tv to watch the news when it is actually on tv! I will have to sit through commercials! Man- I am ridiculously spoiled aren’t I?

First it was the remotes- then my tv stopped reading IR commands so we have to unplug it & plug it back in to turn it on & off (the front panel power button has been ruined for years) then the replacement remotes were wonky & now- here’s the DVR gone completley! If you add my cell phone getting ruined while we were on vacation last month It suggests I had better leave the computer now before it dies!

Thankfully I have insurance through the satellite provider which covered the remotes & the receiver. However the tv will have to wait until some unknown rich great uncle dies- the ex pays his child support again or tax time. Which ever comes first. My bet is on Tax time.

In other news we’re already counting the days until school ends next summer. (well 9 & 12 are at least) 18 is still considering what sort of jobs to apply for & I’m sweating the Christmas gift acquisition already – along with the satellite box- the phone & the tv’s nervous breakdowns it is really a worrisome time in some ways!


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