The Third Bad Thing

SO I wrote the other day about the key breaking in the lock & not just the fact that there were fire trucks & police cars at my work when I got there – but the truly dispiriting part where I didn’t get to go home because of it! Today I had an unfamiliar phone number on my cell phone when I went to lunch & sure enough the voice mail was from the ex.

We had an ok chat he needs something from me so he was nice. Apparently I have to call the child support people & tell them his new address- I did so & they said they could have taken it from him. Maybe the issue is with Wisconsin. I don’t know because I made sure to clarify with him that I had to contact the VA dept of child support 2 separate times & he told me twice that was right so hopefully his new address (in Portland Oregon if you can imagine) will take the WI people off his case.

Work would be a lot better if I didn’t have to go back for 5 hours tomorrow.

The kids are very mopey about going back to school tomorrow. Thankfully the loudest one – ms 18 doesn’t go back to public school.

Unfortunately she doesn’t think her financial aid has come in so she won’t be starting college on 9/25 like she was supposed to either.

We’re still discussing what she’s going to do next. Pretty much her whole life is completely up in the air right now & I’m just trying to sit on my hands & keep my mouth shut because – after all- it is her life.

I think the hardest thing about back to school is managing to get everything they need. I admit. The school did send the lists home at the end of the year but I don’t have enough safe (from nosy little people that is) storage in my house to purchase paper- pens – pencils & note books in June & July for use in August.

This year I did stretch it out over 2 pay periods but they’re both going back in old sneakers & I just stopped tonight to pick up 2 – 2 inch note book binders & 1 – 1 inch binder. When I spoke with the ex he asked if they needed anything & I couldn’t suppress a bitter giggle & the comment: ‘yeah- just about everything’

He told me to email him with what they need & their sizes but I’m not going to do so. I need cash. I put off bills to cover the have to have it stuff for school supplies & while I’d love them to have sneakers before the middle of September I’m not going to chance a fiasco like what happened when they bought ms 12 sneakers this spring.

When pressed 12 wears those sneakers but she complains & says ‘ow ow ow’ all the time she’s walking in them. (a big fan of the dramatic she is) I’d rather not hear that of course & she showed me just on Friday when we were shopping that the sole is coming off the sneaker already.


2 thoughts on “The Third Bad Thing

  1. This year Sami’s school supply list wasn’t as bad at it was in middle school – Thank God. My new neighbor took Sami to the Mall Sunday and bought her a pair of jeans and 3 shirts and Mom sent a package with both supplies and a few outfits. Eric promissed money for school shopping, but you know how that goes! I’m glad she’s started and that headache is over, now here comes birthday & christmas! Luv u

  2. People are starting school earlier and earlier. It doesn’t seem right. I know they start middle of August in Kansas where my niece and her family lives, but that’s because they want the kids out on summer holiday when tornado season is at its high point.

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