Second Thoughts

Did I mention having money for a bonus deducted from my paycheck? My boss’ bonus wasn’t taken away- she’s trying to get mine back.

I could use it too- I’m currently fighting with my cell phone company because I need an extension in order to pay my bill thanks to this mess with my paycheck & they insist they don’t do that- even though I had to ask for (& received) one last July when ms 12 was in the hospital at that time they told me they could to up to 3 a year- as it’s been 13 months – you would think it wouldn’t be a problem. Of course- it is.

Did I mention I don’t talk on the phone any longer at work? Now I type with both other agents & customers all day long. Great right? Yes in many many ways it is wonderful. However I never thought when I went for this whole heartedly that I could have issues.

Issues like coming home last night after nearly 8 straight hours of typing responses & questions to 3 people at a time all the time. I couldn’t hold my hands up at desk level- when I tried they hurt. I can see where carpal tunnel syndrome could be an issue very quickly while doing this job.

I came home last night & Saturday night too & just sat on the couch & read my book. The thought of using my hands on the computer- even to use the mouse to scroll & read online was too much. I’m sure I’ll adjust though.

We’re on business sanctioned overtime again. I’m forced to come in & work 5 hours on my Thursday off. This especially rankles because Thursday is the first day of school & I won’t be home when the kids get home. & because I’ve been working 4 10 hour days for upwards of 2 years. Changing to 5 8 hour days makes this a lot more painful.

Any day which begins like mine did has got to improve- This morning 18’s BF & I were leaving the house at the same time. He works for a private contractor & doesn’t go out the door at the same time every day (nor does he work every day at all) I was in my car warming it up (so to speak) & he was about to drive off when he parked & headed for the house- I had locked the door so I rolled down the window & told him so. He’d forgotten something or other & had to go back in. I shut my car off- gave him the key & waited.

And waited. I was settling myself in the car etc so it took me a few minutes to realize he was still at the door. He had broken the key in the lock! It just sheared off into the lock! I had to call 18 & wake her up to let him in so he could get whatever he’d forgotten.

On my way to work I wondered if this would be an isolated incident. On my way to work I drive up a 2 lane divided interstate for about 4 miles & as I near the end of this short interstate hop I can see my company’s parking lot. As I looked over while preparing to get off of the highway I was surprised & disquieted to find fire trucks & police cars in the parking lot!

It turned out to be a wiring issue & no big concern but I am still waiting for the third bad thing. Because you know- these things always come in 3’s. (I suppose or maybe hope would be a better word- that the argument with my phone provider was the third)


2 thoughts on “Second Thoughts

  1. Sounds like we are all struggling in some way or other…. We need a little “fun” for a change, but now I’m working evenings. We NEED to find a time to get together. Lovely about the lock – ho hum – I can just imagine you and that issue… LOL

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