My 99. Part 1- 99-75

So I thought a lot about what to do with these- this was a hard list to create- even before the whole thing disappeared I was having issues- they’ve just been made worse by the list having to be rewritten.
I found that what song was number one or even number 99 changed with my mood from day to day- both times I put the list together.
It was also very hard to narrow down to 99 too. It would really have to be something closer to my 999 to begin to do justice to the part music plays in my life.
Listing songs brought up more songs- it didn’t help that the anal-retentive part of me insisted I assign the year the song was released to each song too!
Which meant that in finding out that ‘the 59th street bridge song’ by Paul Simon was released in 1966 on wikipedia caused a recent picture of Paul to bring to mind ‘You can Call me Al’ – which is yet another of my favorites.
I know from checking out the links for this that some people chose to talk about some songs in a historical sense- some chose to talk about nearly every song & some did not discuss them at all in a personal history sense. I’m probably going to run on in gory detail as to why I love these particular songs.

99. Unskinny Bop ~ Poison. 1991 A very random one here- I had to drive my grandmother- mother & ms 18 (when she was 17 months old) to Maine. Not just over the border- but way up there- 150+ miles up there I had seen the video for this song a few times but wasn’t sure yet about it. Since my mother didn’t want to drive & I wasn’t terribly enthused about it (I was 21 at this point folks & I’ve never claimed to be mature) I said fine- if I have to drive- I get to choose the music. Of course- traveling this far the radio stations faded in & out constantly so I was changing stations often & it seemed about 10 minutes after I’d find a station they’d start playing this song! It grew on me- what can I say.

98. Stone in Love ~ Journey. 1981 Ah Journey- soundtrack of my teeny bopper years. I bought Escape & Foreigner Four on the same snowy February day in 1982. While on a trip to the illustrious Hanover Mall with my (now former) friend J. We were cool alright- with our poofy hair & mary janes on our feet.

97. Time for me to Fly ~ REO Speedwagon. 1978 Horrible – Horrible night in Hull with Chrissie- a boyfriend of hers & many other people who really didn’t want to be involved in the drama. I like the song now though. I just try not to think too far back to when I first heard it!

96. Lawyers Guns & Money ~ Warren Zevon. 1978 It never ceases to amaze me that when people say Warren Zevon most people think Werewolves of London- not his best effort in the least.

95. Sheep Go to Heaven ~ Cake. 1999 28 years old- pregnant with my third kid- still driving a 1984 Mustang it was an ugly year- what can I say.

94. Landslide ~ Fleetwood Mac. Do not say Dixie Chicks to me in relation to this song. (although the video was pretty)

93. Change ~ Blind Melon. 1993 ‘when life is hard- you have to change’ no one said these were the 99 deepest songs I love.

92. Rise Today ~Alter Bridge. 2007 A newer favorite- I admit to being easily influenced in music & uplifting lyrics which make me feel less downtrodden & workaday.

91. Hate me ~ Blue October. 2006 Still my ring tone for my ex husband. Just love this song. And then the video brings out a whole different dimension.

90. The Breakup Song Greg Kihn. 1981 No they don’t write them like that anymore.

89. Comedown ~ Bush. 1995 This is apparently- a difficult song to sing. My ex considered himself a singer & in 1996 got involved with a bunch of guys who wanted to start a band. They allowed him to sing for awhile. But as usual- when it comes to Rock & Roll- egos got in the way & he was booted. Before he was booted they all agreed to do this song. We listened to it continuously because the timing has to be just right. Luckily I like it. A lot.

88. Pepper ~ Butthole Surfers. 1996 ms 12’s cradle song. It came out that summer she was born & it just stuck to me like glue.

87. Pictures of Matchstick Men ~ Status Quo. 1968 I was surprised to find out last year that this song came out in 1968- the year I was born. Must have learned it in the cradle because in the 1980’s when Camper Van Beethoven did a remake- I had chills & have loved it (perhaps again) ever since.

86. Feelin’ Groovy (59th Street Bridge Song)~ Simon & Garfunkel. 1966 Another one from my early childhood- but I know they played this on Sesame Street in 1969 & 1970 so I know how I got to know & love it.

85. Color Blind ~ Counting Crows. 1999 Not a terribly well known song on the radio it’s from the soundtrack of Cruel Intentions – it took Ms 18 being obsessed with it for me to find that out.

84. American Pie ~ Don McClaine. 1971 One Saturday afternoon in 1981 I was listening to the radio-(a random local radio station which went country a few weeks later) They mostly played oldies & this song came on. I had the oddest feeling. I knew every word before it was said. The Chevy- the levy- all of it. But I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that I had never heard this song before. A year later I was working at the local high school radio station (they let me have a show because – although I was not in high school- being homeschooled – I was available during the day- so I sat with the reel to reel tapes 2 or 3 days a week from 1 to 3 so the station manager could go to meetings & play golf- in exchange I got the 1 to 3 time slot on Wednesdays) And I played American Pie. At dinner that night my father who -like a good father- had been listening to me on the radio in the car while driving around doing his salesman’s job- asked why I played that particular song. I explained about hearing it the year before & liking it (I didn’t say anything about the precognitive type thing which had happened with the lyrics) He said he wasn’t surprised because when I was about 2 years old I knew all the lyrics. My mother seconded this so I guess it’s true – but I have no recollection of that particular part of it. Other memories with this song include Chrissie & I singing it a-capela for my friend Kim to prove that we could & singing it repetitively while mowing the lawn on the ride-on mower when 18 was very young & we lived with my grandmother.

83. Murder ~ David Gilmore. 1984 I loved this song when it first came out- it was the first song I ever bought online too- because I hadn’t heard it in years & it was built up in my head so I had to hear it again- it was worth it.

82. Love is a Stranger ~Eurythmics. 1982 Loved it in 1983 when the video was more than a little revolutionary & love it even more now because I actually understand the emotions & feelings described now.

81. Dead or Alive ~ Bon Jovi. 1986 Yeah. I would’ve graduated in 1986 if I hadn’t been homeschooled- what of it?

80. Iris ~ Goo Goo Dolls. 1996 I remember listening to this song during a party at our first home when we moved back to VA in 1997- with my mother in law. It was a party night – which means we had probably 4 couples plus kids ranging from 15 down to miss 12 (who was 15 months old when we moved back to VA) running around. My MIL and I weren’t heavy drinkers but alternate substances had been imbibed that evening & she told me the lines about “I don’t want the world to see me – cause I don’t think that they’d understand” were really where her head was at the time. It’s a beautiful song.

79. Violet ~ Hole. 1994 Words which still run chills up & down my spine: “go on take everything- take everything- I want you to” sums up entirely too many parts of my life to even begin to describe. And then the “they get what they want & they never want it again” well -yeah- been there too.

78. I Wish you Were Here ~ Incubus. 2002 I have known my ex husband for a very long time- I’m 39 & I’ve known him since I was 13. you do the math. When we divorced everything was ok for awhile. About the first 8 or 9 months. We still spoke on the phone for an hour or so a week every week etc. Then he got a girlfriend. We talked once a month. Then he got married to the girlfriend. We didn’t talk for 3-4 month intervals & when we did he picked fights & threatened to take the kids away. after 3 years of this he tried to make some amends. The wife was pregnant. They wanted to visit- the trailer the kids & I lived in was horrific in it’s decay & damage (much of which the ex had done himself- he left us there- it didn’t improve in the nearly 4 years he’d been gone) I knew he couldn’t come there so I suggested we all go camping. The camping trip was strained- uncomfortable & confusing. I did not know this guy who was talking to my kids & walking hand & hand to the bathrooms with his pregnant wife. He was not the same guy. I sat back for the 4 days of the trip & let the kids interact with their dad. They fished- swam- played mini golf. I read my book & floated on my back in the center of the pool looking at the mountains around me (A Wonderful Life Campground– if you live in VA or are coming here- check this place out- it is gorgeous.) and all through it ‘Wish You Were Here’ played through my mind because that guy over there was not my brother’s best friend- the guy who defied friends & family alike to get involved with me – 5 years older than him with a kid already- ‘threw his life away’ at 18 to do it too- & then the next year- married me. Not. The. Same. Guy. I don’t know who that guy was to this day. (the ex has since divorced & last year the person I used to know was back- as a friend at least- though I don’t trust him for a second- at least we can talk again)

77. Find Your Way Back ~ Jefferson Airplane. 1981 um. Nice song- always appealed to me – not sure why.

76. Thick As a Brick~ Jethro Tull. 1972 When I met 18’s dad- we had a whirlwind courtship & very soon after we met I was living in the same place as him (it was a rooming house- I had my own room- we never actually shared a ‘place’ just a roof.) He was 8 years my senior & though I already knew a lot of the music he loved (we both listed Led Zeppelin as our favorite band for instance) he introduced me to a lot of songs I hadn’t really heard before. This was one of them. (I admit- the addendum which I’ve since learned every guy puts on there ‘like my dick’ was only funny the first time I heard it & grew very old in the repeating) Then- in later months when I was pregnant with 18 & we played the ‘I love you but I’m not in love with you’ game & the ‘I’m not ready to be a dad again’ game. I became inclined to believe he was thick as a brick. In the head.

75. Change ~ John Waite. 1982 Never have seen Vision Quest. Don’t want to. I think it’s a measure of how good the song is & how bad the movie is that it got considerable airplay on my radio station of choice but never once did they mention that it was associated with a movie. Any movie.

About the pictures: #1. My mother- grandmother Ms 18 & myself 1991 on top of a mountain in Union Maine. #2 Chrissie- her daughter- Sami & myself- you can just barely see the top of Ms 12’s head (she was 3 then) 1999- I was about 7 months pregnant with mr 9 at the time. #3. Me 1982. #4. Me 1986. #5. The whole fam camping 2004- the ex- his ex- Chrissie’s daughter Sami taken by 18 who did not want to be in the picture at all! #6 18’s dad & I- 4th of July cookout 1989.


5 thoughts on “My 99. Part 1- 99-75

  1. 96 (love Zevon), 94, 90, 86, 84 (love your story…the song reminds me of when my parents sent me to group therapy in Lowell and I met this cool artist dude), 81 (GAH), 76. Not many LOL!

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