Just Another Day

I am trying to savor my last 2 day weekend for awhile. However my darling children are driving me to a point where I almost wish I was at work.

The worst thing so far is finding out that the bonus I didn’t think I deserved in my last paycheck was in fact- not mine. The company took it back. I bet my boss is mad because she got a similar bonus in her last check too & didn’t think it would be an issue. So I’m $150. Short on my bills & still trying to decide what to do about it. Not a great way to spend the morning. (At least a heads up at work yesterday would have been a nice thing too- I will be the complainer on Saturday morning let me tell you!)

While trying to decide whether to lose my phone or starve I have been working on the My99 posts- going errand running locally- taking out trash- cutting ms 12’s hair- organizing pictures on the computer & the back up memory chip I keep now- cleaning house- washing clothes – hanging clothes on the line outside & reading my book. (ms 12 & I sat in my bed this morning until nearly 11 am this morning reading.)

Ms 18 claims she was half asleep yesterday morning when she made her comments- I’m not so sure. When we went to town we took a back road home – because driving by yesterday I noticed it looked like the dirt road had been paved. We turned onto the road about 4 miles from where it comes out near our house & it was dirt- they must not have gotten this far with the paving yet I said to the kids. We drove & drove- enjoying the views & the wildlife- snake stretched out across the dirt in the sun – you can run them over & it doesn’t hurt them – as long as you don’t run over their actual head with the tire- & a bull with huge horns on his head – who mr 9 said looked at him in an evil way. Finally 10 feet before the end of the road we came to the paving- for some reason they had paved it just enough so as you drive by on the larger (almost a main) road- when you look down the road it looks paved- although it isn’t in the least.

Mr 9 has evil on the brain. He got ahold of one of my Edward Gorey picture books yesterday because ms 18 left it out after looking for some inspiration for some project she’s working on & he was obsessed he then located all the halloween decorating books I got on Amazon last year for next to nothing & was haranguing me about how we should decorate for the holiday- it’s more than 2 months away- I’m into it but not that into it!


2 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. Hey there, Wow I’m finally visiting! Haven’t blogged in forever, as you know, and am quickly making my old rounds. Sucks they took back that money. I too feel your pain! Hope to get together soon.

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