How Very Loved I Am…

Conversation between 18 & I at 9:45 this morning when I called home on break from work:

Me: Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

18: Give me the bad news

Me: The bad news is that I have to do 5 hours of overtime between 10 am & 3pm every Thursday for the next 5 weeks.

18: Oh- that sucks for you but since the kids go back to school next Thursday it doesn’t make much of any difference for me- what’s the good news

Me: I’m damned if I’m going to do any more overtime than that- so I’ll be leaving work at 4:30 every day now & so will be home around 5:30

18: No really- what’s the good news?

Yes dear I love you too….


4 thoughts on “How Very Loved I Am…

  1. Gotta love em. We had one of last night. While sitting with Kelseys pregnant friend, we were talking about baby names. Kelsey said that her future baby daughters name was going to be Emma Ann. I said “how sweet, your going to name your baby after me for her middle name”. She looked at me with “that look” and said “yeeeah, lets go with that”

  2. Every time you talk about OT I’m reminded why I got out of call center work. Well that and our company’s client was so vile that 90% of us left in tears, myself included. The last month I worked for Expanents we had mandatory OT every weekend.

  3. Ann- I’m very familiar with that particular look!

    Andrea- I know what you mean about leaving work in tears- I have had many days like that- America as a whole is entirely too emotionally involved with their TV sets. I know this from bitter experience!

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