Random Car related Thoughts

I was driving home tonight & noticed a 1986-’87 (or thereabouts) Camaro broken down on the side of the road. Other than being left on the side of the road it looked really nice – clean body- perfect paint. Someone keeps that car in a garage- I was interested because I am & have always been something of a car freak- I love sports cars & nice cars in general.

Especially older ones. When the first of those 80’s Camaros & Trans Ams came out I hated them. I much preferred the 1970’s style cars. It occurred to me though- seeing a nicely kept one out on the road (or – more accurately on the side of the road) that they’re old enough to be considered classics.

Interestingly enough right after I thought that I looked in the rear view mirror & found myself about to be passed by a guy in a 2000+ Camaro – which- while much more similar to the 1980’s type than the 1970’s style is still much more appealing to my eyes. I’m not sure why but that’s just how it is. Of course here I am chugging along in my Mommymobile (4 cylinders- automatic- but has 4 wheel drive & gets an average of 28.5 mg – even here in the mountains) Thinking about sports cars (dreaming might be a better word)

After turning off the main road onto a side road I passed the home of someone I used to know- someone who was on the local Rescue squad with my ex who stopped knowing either of us when he quit the rescue squad & who- unlike some- but not all- of the rescue squad folks still doesn’t know me- (many people have been nothing but nice in the ensuing 7 years since the ex moved on)

This particular woman also worked with me at the factory I worked at when ms 12 was about 2. The lady in question has a Mustang fetish. I also have a Mustang fetish & sure enough she had a lovely 1993 Mustang on her lawn. So I was thinking of how we Iconize our cars & make them cherished objects in our lives & how it’s looking more & more like the cars like the ones I’ve been thinking about may soon become lawn ornaments – or like true antique cars- something to be taken out only occasionally for special occasions like parades & Sunday drives- it’s sad really.

Gas however- is going to remain an issue & that alone will be the biggest reason why we can’t all drive around in Mustangs & Camaros. I think it’s kind of sad.


One thought on “Random Car related Thoughts

  1. Have you noticed that most of the people driving these cars are bald old men? At least that’s how it seems in my area. I miss the Camaro. That was a gorgeous car.

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