Finally the Birthday (mostly in pictures)

Thursday was spent running errands in C’burg- more gifts- food coloring etc.

When it cooled down in the evening we baked his cake (seen here in the decoration phase- the actual cake baking is never a pretty phase at my house!) & let it cool overnight.

He wanted a train cake & you can see here that it sort of looks like a train!

Because of the limitations on my budget & on my cake pan collection- I made a landscape & cut pieces of cake to be the train- with licorice for the tracks & smokestack. As he & his sister ms 12 helped me make the cake & it was a work in progress he was very happy with the results.

Ms 12 & I then locked ourselves in my room & wrapped 9’s gifts. It was rather warm in there so after I braided my hair & put it up off my neck I did her hair too- looks cute if I do say so myself.

Now she’s requesting I get up on the first day of school & do her hair like this for that special first day of sixth grade.

After dinner 9 tore into his gifts – he was pretty happy with most of them. Especially the giant water guns (more like water bazookas) that I got for him & for his sister (she has to be able to defend herself)

Then it was time for cake….

Then 18 & her BF went out somewhere & the younger crowd & I started to make one of 9’s birthday gifts. We haven’t gotten back to it since Friday night but I’m sure we will soon…

It being orange on my yellow wall back ground doesn’t help it show up very well but it is cool & surprisingly easy to put together. Barely a word of instruction- it’s mostly pictures of what to do for each step. Mr 9 is already planning what he’s going to make next- as in after we’ve made the ferris wheel & are tired of it.


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