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So did I mention I let mr 9 have his hair mohawked? I actually cut it that way for him since he wanted to have his hair cut again before school & especially because it is very hot here! Ms 18 spiked it for him the first night & he’s learned to do that himself already.

I’m not so sure we’re going to keep it into the school year but it’s made him very happy right now & I like it when everyone’s happy!

Ms 18 & I are not happy though- we’re pretty well at each others throats. She eats my ice cream I insist she pay me back by purchasing more. Altogether inconvenient on both ends. Sometimes I wish she & the BF would just move out- however her lack of a job & his less than part time job contribute to their inability to leave my home!

Ms 12 & I are on good terms although she tells me daily that she hates me because when I get home from work each night she hasn’t done the dishes & I make her go do them as soon as I get there. In my book- if 18 was being a good big sister/babysitter she’d have made 12 do the dishes as soon as dinner was finished & I’d never see dirty dishes except the ones I create after getting home- But she doesn’t & so I am forced to lay down the law each night after work.

I’m loving the new phone- every day at work I put the earphone in as I leave my desk for breaks & lunch & don’t take it out again until I sit back down- just listen to music & make the call to 18 on each break. Very convenient especially since they made us all change seats when the shift change took effect last week so I’m sitting with people I don’t know well at all.

The chance to make new friends you say? Not me! I’m antisocial. I have learned all too many times at my job that friends come & go but the job stays the same. Everyone I’ve ever liked there has either turned out to be a psycho- has sold me down the river – quit or been fired & I’m determined to not get emotionally involved.

I’m on the very last book in my Kent Chronicles- I have really enjoyed them- I didn’t realize they took you all the way up to the turn of the last century (1900’s that is) but they do- I’m in 1890 right now & though some parts of it were nearly as boring as the first few times I read these books- back when I was 12 or 13 & was just skimming them- looking for sex scenes (I admit it) I read it all & actually learned a few things (like what a mess it was when people started unionizing & how bloody that period in history actually was)

I admit it made me feel a little silly- VA is a right to work state & many businesses here are very anti union (the company I work for included) Back in the 1870s people died to get unions to come in & help others & here I am working un-unionized & just don’t really care at all. I certainly wouldn’t try to bring in a union- though not because I’m against them- it just doesn’t seem to do much of anything.

I admit the couple of places I worked which were unionized (in a cafeteria for a large phone manufacturing company & for Marshalls corp. when I was barely 18 years old) seemed to just take your money. I never saw anything from either of those unions at all -other than the dues coming out of my paychecks- I was young (under 20) during both of those jobs though & I’m sure now that I’m older I could probably find something useful about them.

In related info – they upped our overtime ‘responsibility’ to 10 hours a month. of course I am already attempting to do 4 hours of overtime every week so that’s 16 in a month – I’m covered either way you look at it. Today while looking over work stuff I found a really cool site- I wrote down the url so I could check it out at home. I’m not sure why anyone would want/need to use it but I guess it sold me on it enough that I’m linking it.

I was going to put a message in- in binary code- but I couldn’t fit it because I don’t know where to put the line breaks & I felt like it would mess it up to just randomly break it up


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