I feel like Charlie Brown- I am so frustrated right now & even if it is petty stuff – well still “AUGH!”

Two nights ago I was writing here about how difficult I was finding that “my99” meme that Janet had up. I liked it though- it was hard but fun in a mildly frustrating way. I decided this morning when 18 said she’d like to go to the antique shop but needed a shower first that I would work on getting the songs organized.

The other day I had put down 99 of my favorite songs off the top of my head & this morning – since I had time to kill- I organized them. Picking which one would be #1- #2 etc. was hard but fun. I got them into an order I felt I could live with- reflecting that what seemed like my absolute favorite song (or even #25) changes from day to day & that I could definitely come back tomorrow & decide I was all wrong.

So when it was time to leave it was raining & we didn’t have any internet service- I wasn’t really sure the last time I’d seen wordpress show it was saving my work but I wasn’t really worried about it- I knew when the rain passed the satellite signal would come back up & wordpress would save my ‘work’ & even if 18’s BF came down & accidentally closed my window the work would be mostly saved.

Or So I Thought. When we got home my window was still up. No one had messed with it. However- I had bolded the songs & bands names in order to differentiate between them & my line of reason why these songs are/were my favorite. I could see that the bold type was gone & then as I scrolled down I found all my changes had disappeared too.

I knew I could change it back & re-do but I exited the screen in the hopes that the changes were saved & that I could get them back. No such luck. Worse yet – when I went back to my drafts- the only thing that was saved was the title. Even the list of songs was gone! Poof- out into the atmosphere never to be seen again.

Sigh…. Well we had a good day otherwise. I bought 18 a box & myself a couple of political pins. Both from recent presidential runs. Clinton/Gore 96 & Kerry/Edwards. I have a largish pin collection but most of my pins are older. Like 1960’s & 1970’s because my Grandfather worked in hotels in Boston he’d bring them home with him & my father mostly collected them.

Both my brother & I got to choose from my father’s pins when he grew tired of them in the early 1980s & we posted cloths on our walls with the pins pinned to them.  I added all the pins I had from my many jobs when I was younger & then some cool ones I got at Spencers gifts back in the 1980’s too. Eventually I outgrew the need to wear a denim jacket with all my favorite rock bands patches stitched onto it & so I stitched them onto the pin banner. (I still have my same cloth & it’s hung in my living room)

I really wanted some political pins from my own time & was really excited to see these two which represent my own votes in those years. I was shocked to see a ‘Pat Nixon for first lady’ pin for $5. I have a Nixon/Lodge- morphing button an old JFK button & A Mcgovern button in my collection- all in great shape. Seeing that Pat Nixon button makes me wonder how much I could sell them for! Except for the JFK one they hold little to no interest for me.

We got a few groceries at the store & then came home. Where I cooked dinner- read online for awhile- took a 20 minute nap & worked on my finances some more. It’s funny- you would think having extra money would be good but it makes it harder to decide what to get done. Especially because with having been on vacation 2 weeks ago I had let everything slide.

We need Q-tips- Cotton pads- soap- laundry detergent- multiple paper products- bleach- borax & salt to try to get rid of the fleas the cats brought in & more flea collars.  18 & the BF got a couple but we have at least 1- maybe 2 more cats to buy them for- Bartleby died Wednesday morning. No one is sure if he was sick (when he was smaller – he was the runt of the litter & we always thought he wasn’t quite right- but then about 6 weeks ago he started gaining weight & seemed to be ok) We also haven’t seen the Kitten’s mom Bast in a week or so- no one knows if maybe she lit out for greener pastures or what.

We haven’t been letting any of them in the house since the fleas got so bad. Last night a mouse ran from under my secretary desk into the dining room & so this morning 18’s BF brought his cat Spider back in with her flea collar on- she’s hands down the best mouser we have & I’m hoping she nips that mouse very quickly!


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