Ahhh. ‘Friday’

This week was frighteningly long in ending. I thought it was going to remain 10am today forever too. The day just seemed to drag & drag – on & on it went people complaining on the phone- people complaining around me.

I called home & 18 was complaining because for the second time this week 12 & 9 overslept & missed the bus for camp. This is their last week of camp it culminates in a talent show Friday afternoon & then they have the next 2 & 1/2 weeks off.

Then on the 21 of August school starts again. Of course that means I’ve got to start purchasing school supplies- I spent the better part of a whole day at work co-ordinating the 2 lists- one for ms 12 & one for 9. Into one master list.

One of my larger petty annoyances is that the school calendars while very useful for showing days off & the predicted end of school for next year. Only go from August of one year until July of the next. Which is great until the end of July (like right now) when there’s no calendar for August in my dining room & there won’t be a school calendar until the 19th when we go for open house. This year though- I celebrated having a new printer (which ms 18 & the BF hooked up for me while we were in MA) by printing out a calendar for August.

As I said- this is a petty thing- I have a calendar in my bedroom (Edward Gorey – if you wanted to know- thanks to R for that) & a perpetual magnetic calendar on my refrigerator (ms 9 is in charge of updating that one- she put herself in charge of it) but I spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer in my dining room & not having a calendar – even if it’s only for 3 weeks of the year- just stinks.

Among other goodies on my trip to MA- my mother gave me a box full of cool old stuff. I now have a lovely pewter pitcher- plates- tankards- a candle mold & a brass toast stick. all of which caused me to go looking for polish. My mother likes her pewter unpolished & dull so all the pewter especially had a deep greasy patina- made even darker by all the accumulated years of cigarette smoke from my parent’s home.

I located pewter & brass polish & the kids & I had a polishing fest the other day. We also did a bunch of painting on wood signs I had purchased a couple of years ago. The paints are still on the table from last weekend & I’m hoping to be able to convince ms 18 to finish up with me this week. I’m making a 3-part welcome sign to hang beside our front door.

I thought it up myself but as with all my art projects it never looks as good in real life as it does in my head. I enlisted 18 to help decorate the sun & moon which will hang off the top piece by beaded fishing lines (if we ever finish- 18’s about halfway through with the moon & hasn’t done anything with the sun yet- I consider myself about 80% through with the top piece but I also have to make the beaded strings to hang the sun & moon from the top & another beaded string to hang the whole thing up!)

I doubt we’ll work on it tomorrow- I have a yen to go antiquing & 18’s been complaining that we never do anything together so I think I’ll suggest that to her tomorrow morning- We certainly can’t do that after this week since 12 & 9 will be home. I would rather have a lobotomy than take those two heathens into an antique shop! Of course- I realize I have no one to blame but myself for their energy- personalities & general unruliness. I feel like I impose enough ‘decent’ (I wouldn’t call it good exactly) behavior on them when we do our grocery shopping & other errands.

I’m thinking we may get to go to a craft shop this week while grocery shopping. I’ve been wanting to do the stenciling I’ve been envisioning since the dinning room & kitchen were painted & when I thought- a few weeks ago- that I could do so I found out that all my stencil paints were dried up- even the gold leaf one- which I had never even used. That’ll teach me to leave anything I care about in the drawers under my tv set where mr 9 can open them & leave the caps off!

With all the painting we’ve been doing & the ‘need’ for stencil paint I think a trip to Michaels is in order. It’s so hard to get out of there without spending a fortune & with the shopping I have to do for mr 9’s belated home birthday party & presents I have an awful lot to do. I hate the idea of doing the birthday shopping with him right there though- there’s no way to hide things & I really believe birthday gifts should be at least a bit of a surprise!

Maybe I’ll wait until one of my work days & just go shopping for his birthday after work & come home late. We’re going to have his cake & party next week- I’m already roped into a trip to the swimming place we had so much fun at last year. He’s hoping for pizza just like last year too- luckily I had an unexpected bonus in my paycheck this week (shhh- the kids don’t know- If they did – they’d think of all sorts of things they ‘need’) that extra money will allow me to pull off the end of summer swimming pool trip like last year- of course it’s going to mean that we’re beginning to make a tradition of it which means the kids will hound me if we don’t go next year for instance.

I’ll worry about that later though- they’re calling for 90+ weather for the next 7 days on the news & I haven’t been in a swimming pool at all this year so far. My boss reassured me that she’s still getting the same bonus I am & no one should make us pay it back so I’m going to chance it & do this as our last gasp for summer (even though- when we go it will still be 2 weeks instead of only 1 before school is back in session.)

I am glad the kids will be through with camp- though I know it is better for them to go & do something every day (crafts- games – a little bit of citizenship & feelings work) than to sit around here watching tv & playing on the computer/video game. I miss them while they’re at camp & am fairly relieved when it’s over & they’re around on my days off (for however short a time that is- this year 3 weeks – last year it was only 2)

I’d probably really like them to be home all the time if they didn’t fight so much 12 & 9 are just so violent & mean to each other. I remember that my brother & I were the same way but it really wears on me. My parents were a little removed from my brother & my fights first of all our house when I was growing up was a lot larger than my house here in VA & my mother worked nights- so after she left for work at 8pm my father would retire to his den & watch tv- my brother & I had the run of the house at that point.

So no one (except my grandmother- though she was only home a few nights a week by the time I was 12 or so) was really right there with us to supervise as we made bread at 10 pm- popped popcorn- stayed up all night watching movies on HBO & Cinemax & argued- fought & tried to kill each other. Really it’s a testament to our responsibility that we didn’t burn down the house or actually kill each other!

However in 12 & 9s cases- I have to listen to it. whether it’s in the living room watching the news- while they’re on the porch- in the dining room- online- while they’re in the living room- or in the kitchen washing the dishes – while they pull the clean laundry off the line- they are always fighting & arguing. They both have their father’s unreasoning temper & its not at all unusual for one of them to launch themselves- full body slam style at the other or for one of them to haul off & roundhouse punch the other.

I suppose if it hadn’t been for my brother & I – & then my exposure to my ex & his step-father’s violent ‘play’ punching etc it would bother me more- (it does bother me- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve grabbed a fist in mid-flight towards someone’s nose & how many times they’ve been sent to the corners of rooms to calm down due to their arguments) I do try to let them try to work their differences out at least part of the time though!


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