Another Quick One

So I behaved myself tonight & didn’t jump right on line when I got here- I watched Malcolm in the Middle & the newest episode of Weeds with Ms 18. I had some of the rice which was part of the kid’s dinner & a bunch of fresh picked cucumbers – After walking out to the garden with my self appointed garden keeper- mr 9- to pick them.
When I did sit down to go online I immediately started with the trivia. However I’m quite tired tonight & so will not likely stay online for long.
Not like last night- before writing what I wrote last night I was working on a meme I got from Janet.
I’m excited about it but it’s hard!
It’s called ‘My99’ & I am having a lot of trouble coming up with just 99 songs which are my all time favorites. I think to truly represent all the music I like & listen to regularly I’d have to do something more like my 500. Or 99 in each Genre or decade.
I’m actually not the worst person I know for this sort of thing. My ex liked nearly everything I liked plus he got deeply into country music while with his most recent ex-wife so add that on top of all I love & well- WOW!
I don’t mind though- he did give me almost all the CDs he had after his newest baby mama downloaded the songs into their computers. I was able to make one of 18’s friends very happy with his country collection- which neither 18 or I had the slightest interest in.
Then there’s the part where I have to organize them by best to least- writing down 99 songs was a piece of cake compared to ranking them.
And you’re supposed to write a line or two about why the song’s important. I may have this one done by Christmas.
Another day at work & then off for 2. Seems odd to say 2 not 3 but I do like getting home at 5:30/6ish each night. I also found a co-worker with nearly the same schedule as I have (even after the shuffle which happens Saturday) who drives right by my road every day. Hopefully we can work some sort of carpool setup out so that at least on the 4 days we’re both in the building we can share the ride- gas may have come down 30 cents or so but it’s still insane & I do feel badly about driving alone to work 27+ miles each way 5 days a week.


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