Your Monday- My Wednesday

So work is ok- not great- but ok. I shouldn’t complain I had 3 & 1/2 hours off the phone for training today. All in all A reasonably relaxed day. However I know from bitter experience that a day mostly off the phone makes the next day all the more heinous. (my- That was negative)

Oh well- as of Wednesday when I get out of work I will be officially on chat instead of the phone- indefinitely. & Boy am I excited about that! (although some of the things I’m hearing from people already doing chat are starting to worry me a little- It’s still got to be better than trying to keep my voice cheerful while people who’ve had their remotes for 6+ years ask me where the power button is on the remote!)

Last night I got to talk to Ann for awhile & totally forgot to thank her again for having us for the weekend while we were up in MA/NH- So thank you again Ann!. I spoke to Chrissie tonight after work & mostly just complained to her about finding myself in the middle of 18 & her BF’s quarrels just lately. Which I don’t want to be but can’t help very much- it’s a small house!

Of course I shouldn’t be on the computer! I should be weeding the garden- staking the tomatoes- taking the laundry off the line & folding the literal piles of clean laundry in my living room. But here I sit- writing in between fun little trivia quizzes. I had been on this site back in 2006 & had forgotten all about it- I love trivia. Especially rock & roll trivia!

Otherwise- everything is quite slow & quiet. Fighting the fleas & fighting to keep the cats outside until we have flea collars for them all & have the fleas in the house finished off. Trying to keep cool in what is something like our 5th week of 89-90 degree weather this summer & enjoying listening to tons of music on the MP3 player in the new phone !


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