Random July Gibberish

I’m still on a quest for good- comfortable sandals. It’s not going well. Thursday night I was on Amazon searching. I made it through 20 pages of sandals (I searched comfortable sandals – to try to minimize the high heeled offerings- it didn’t help much) there were another 10 pages to go but I couldn’t take anymore. Somehow- it seemed that every pair I liked was $199. or higher. Yes- that decimal is in the right place. A hundred & ninety nine dollars. Or MORE! Perhaps I’m out of it but I think more than $20. is too much to spend on shoes- after all they’re going to wear out- you walk in them!

I’ve used 8 of 15 paid days off already this year. As usual right now I owe the company about a day & a half. When I earn some more time off I have to decide how to spend it. This year I hope to take Halloween off without having to call in sick. (yes I am thinking about Halloween already)

I only mentioned in passing that my cell phone had a nervous breakdown while we were on vacation. After calling U.S Cellular & then going to their shop to see if someone could make the picture stop being doubled I broke down & got a new phone. It turned out one of the kid’s phones (18’s BF’s to be exact) was eligible for an upgrade & since he’s a little behind on paying his monthly cost on having a phone I didn’t feel bad at all for taking his upgrade- all he uses it for is to allow 18 to keep tabs on him & to call his family & friends back in KY where he’s from- & he’s very conscientious about not calling until after 7pm or on the weekends.

I looked at phones when I was there the first time looking for a quick fix & made mental note of a couple of them which I liked pretty well – then once I got home I went online & researched them all. I do admit to a bias I really loved my LG 6100. & so I decided that the LG UX260 was the phone for me- not only does it have all the stuff I had on my old phone- it has a QWERTY keyboard & an MP3 Player which got a lot of good reviews online. I went after work tonight to get one & as soon as I got in the car it was moment of truth time. I took the chip in my old Kyocera phone out & inserted it in the LG & it WORKED!

I didn’t have to wait to go home & load songs on the chip- the ones on there worked fine- I didn’t have to buy a special LG only USB cable or anything! The songs I’d loaded onto the chip I had with me through my memory stick worked in the LG seamlessly. It was awesome! I listened to songs on my phone all the way home & then rearranged all my favorite songs onto the larger 1gb chip I had at home & moved the stuff I’m storing on the 1gb chip over to the smaller (but still roomy enough for my needs) 512mb chip which I’d had in the Kyocera phone.

I just got off the phone with a friend who got a new tv. They have the same tv provider as I work for- I had called them- but while we were on the phone I told them how to make their remote work with the new tv. (luckily the only code I remembered for Phillips tvs worked!) I went into full work mode & when they thanked me I actually said ‘you’re welcome- that’s what we’re here for’ just like I do all the time at work! How embarrassing!

Floyd Fest Weekend is upon us here in my county Ms 18 & friends are supposed to be going- she was disappointed they didn’t get there for the first night (Thursday) or most of Friday either. They were also unable to get camping space so our harried attempts to put up our tent which we’ve never used at all were all for naught. (I bought it on clearance something like 4 years ago & we haven’t been able to afford to go camping since then so it’s brand new!)

They took the tent with them today on the advice of a friend who had been there yesterday- she thought there might be some spaces left for them to put the tent on. I haven’t heard from her since- the cell phone signal is poor to none up there & so I’m not surprised or worried. She’s in the company of about 8 of her best friends so I am certain they’re having a blast.

The shift shuffle I was looking forward to with such worry & trepidation is finished. I will be doing what we call chat- meaning instant messaging with customers & less experienced technicians as of next Saturday. Other than that it is a complete non-event. I got the exact same shift I’ve been on since I started the training for this new promotion- 8am to 4:30pm with Thursdays & Fridays off. I was sort of hoping for 10 am to 6:30 pm with either the same days off or Sunday & Monday off.

Really though- I know being home by approximately 5:30 every evening is for the best. There’s something to be said for having the day I get paid on every two weeks off too- although Friday & Saturday would have been nicer- this will do. It’s not  5pm to 1:30 am after all- there are always worse options out there!


One thought on “Random July Gibberish

  1. I know they are more than you want to spend but go to endless.com and try the crocs Athens flip flop. They are 29.95 and they are fantastic. I don’t usually spend that much on a sandal either, but these are heaven.

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