Vacation Have to Get Away….

Thursday July 17. As this was the day we were leaving I tried to take it easy. The kids love the beach of course so back we went to Nantasket beach in Hull. The kids were a little upset that it was high tide & the water was all the way up to the wall. I stayed up on the wall at a picnic table & read some more while they played in the water- at 12 I called them in to go to the arcade for one last time & while they were spending their accumulated tickets from the skeeball games a guy & his girl were spending their tickets too. Apparently they had more than they wanted & so gave 12 & 9 a bunch of tickets. 900 to be exact! It was a great end to the kids’ beach blast over our vacation & they came home with Styrofoam gliders & baby angels lounging on moons enough to keep them happy for weeks. We arrived back at my mother’s around 2 – after packing the car- I laid down to try to nap for a few hours. Around 5:30 I woke up got up because we needed to go to dinner around 6 in order to be around to pick up Sami at her grandparent’s house at 8:30. My mother had been craving Chinese food so that’s where we went for dinner. We then went to the graveyard to pay our respects to my brother- father & grandparents. We said our goodbyes to my mother at the graveyard & went on to pick up Sami. It turned out they’d had Chinese food takeout from the same place we’d been eating dinner at!

Friday July 18. After driving most of the night & napping just a couple of times for about an hour & a half at a time we brought Sami home to her mom & headed home ourselves around 4pm. I was ready for bed pretty much immediately but managed to get unpacked- start laundry & have dinner. We visited with 18’s BF. 18 herself had gone out with friends from her High School graduating class to play laser tag & so we didn’t see her until Saturday Morning.

Saturday July 19. At one point I was going to work this day & not take it off. In the long run though- I’m really glad I had this extra day to unwind & relax (& Grocery Shop!) I came home to a rearranged Wal-mart in which I couldn’t find anything & an annoyed Ms 18 who said within an hour of coming downstairs Saturday morning that she wished we were still gone because the house was much neater & cleaner without us! (In my house!)


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