Vacation From Reality

Friday July 11. We relaxed around My mother’s apartment- I was heartily sick of driving & wanted to relax. I read quite a bit as did my mother. 12 & 8 were busily playing cards & arguing after a long morning of PBS. It never ceases to amaze me what my kids will watch if they can’t see what they like they’ll watch just about whatever is on tv- whether it’s too young for them- too old for them or even boring to me! My mother had already told me she had free tickets to the movies & a gift card for $30. towards a meal at Friendly’s resturant & so we combined them to have a free night out. Friendly’s was one of my ex’s favorite places to eat & we’d eaten in one for breakfast on the way up to MA on Tuesday. I hadn’t been there for dinner since 1997 though & was reasonably impressed at how much the food had improved! Then off to the movies. I already mentioned on the 19th our concern that the passes might not be valid for a movie in it’s opening night & the ridiculous cost of the popcorn etc. Otherwise though it was a fun night. The movie was fairly escapist & exciting though not spectacular.

Saturday July 12. We headed out fairly early to go to Ann’s house. Like last year we drove through Boston & up route 1 to Newburyport in order to go to the Jabberwocky bookstore & the adjacent toy store. After browsing things I at least couldn’t afford & waiting for 12 & 8 to make some purchases with their own money we went to lunch- also like last year- at Skips. Without ms 18 along to complain we were able to eat outside (it wasn’t really all that hot Saturday) & mr 8 kept us entertained with loop-de-loops from his brand new balsa wood airplanes. The kids decided to spend some more of their own money for a shared ice cream cone & then we were off on our way to Ann’s house. It was a long drive but well worth seeing her & her husband & kids. (I use the term kids loosely as her youngest is a year younger than my oldest so they’re more like adults really) Her youngest- who was in a car accident back in the spring was doing much better & so we were able to stay over a couple of nights. Saturday night was great. We had chicken- hamburgers & hot dogs on the grille & margaritas after dinner while we talked.

Ann’s Family’s aquarium- the only picture I took while at Ann’s house

Sunday July 13. I was surprised & amused on Saturday morning when I got up to find Ann at her computer playing Zuma on it. I have it on my cell phone & play it often while watching the news at night & before bed. Of course- by Saturday I was not playing much Zuma. Something happened to my Phone the first day of vacation. I had it in the bag I was carrying everything in to the beach & I don’t know if it got sand or water in it but it’s had a doubled screen instead of a single one- the doubled screen is tiny & hard to see & it’s driving me nuts still!  We went out with Ann to North Conway NH. Which I had heard a lot about but I’d never been. Ann drove & we all enjoyed the scenery & people watching. Neither Ann or I had much money to spend & we ended up looking around a Christmas Tree Shop for the most part & looking at all the other stores. After a lunch at McDonalds we headed back. Much more driving than shopping but with finances like they are it had to be that way. We stopped back at home & then went to Wal-Mart for dinner. Ann recommended some pizzas which I’d never tried & I was really impressed with them. I also got some of that wonderful Hood Cottage Cheese & a pint of the Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun ice cream. Yum!


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