Vacation By The Day

Last year I did a daily entry of what we did on our summer vacation- I’m still not finished. This year I am just going to do a paragraph of each day’s activities because I have nowhere near as much time this year as I did last year!

Monday July 7. I worked all day –  a measure of my maturity level- this year vs. last year (or maybe just the level of fear I have for my new boss) I worked all day. Didn’t try to cut out early & never even considered calling in sick like I did last year. After work I picked up Chrissie’s daughter- Sami- & brought her to our house. After being horrified at the size of her bag for just herself for 12 days. When we arrived at my house I finished packing our bag & we loaded up the car. Sami pointed out that our bag was as big as her’s. I pointed out that it was 1 bag for 3 people as opposed to 1 bag of similar size for just 1 person! After the car was packed I went to bed & slept until nearly midnight. Another first. I actually slept & slept well.
By 12:30 we were in the car & underway.

Tuesday July 8. The drive was fairly uneventful. No accidents or terribly heavy roadwork.  I timed it poorly & we were stuck in stop & go traffic on rte 128 for quite awhile though. After dropping Sami off at her grandparent’s house we arrived at my mother’s house at approximately 4:30pm.  My mother was fairly pleasant when we arrived & as soon as the car was unpacked we went out to our favorite sub shop- Themis in Rockland. After dinner we went back to my mother’s only to discover that we’d forgotten about stopping at a grocery store & so had no spring water- milk or cream cheese for bagels in the morning.

Wednesday July 9. I had promised the kids that we’d go to the beach first thing so we were up at 9am & off to the beach by 10. With a stop at a Walgreen’s for sunblock- toothpaste & some other things we’d forgotten & another to get ‘breakfast’ (it was nearly 11- couldn’t be called breakfast by many people’s standards) at Dunkin Donuts. We all had a donut & 12 & I had lemonade Coolattas. Mr 8 preferred chocolate milk. The beach was at an excellent spot- it had already been high tide & the tide was on it’s way out we settled on the wet sand (big mistake- everyone’s towels were soaked by the end of the day) & made our way to the water. We all swam & soon I got cold & sat on the beach & dug holes (I’d forgotten my book) looking for shells- cool rocks & sand dollars. I didn’t find too many really great shells but Mr 8 brought me an actual clam. All closed up in his shell & smiling at me. We set ‘Sheldon’ on the sand & 12 & 8 dug with me to make sandcastles & warm up from the cold water. The clam opened up & stuck his funny head out of the shell which 12 especially found fascinating. After multiple dips in the ocean the kids really wanted to go to the arcade & have something to eat so we cleaned up our soaking towels- water bottles etc. & put everything in the car & crossed the street to the arcade. I was greatly disappointed to find the arcade had no pinball games at all & that the only ‘normal’ video games they had were the car & motorcycle sit & ride games. No Galaga. No Centipede- not even Mortal Combat. Nothing at all.
The lunch counter still served Raspberry Lime Rickeys though & the kids ate hot dogs & we all shared cheese fries. After an hour or so of 12 & 8 wasting their money & trying unsuccessfully to convince me to play mini golf that day we called it a day & went back to my mother’s house. We then went back out in her car to dinner at – well- it must have been memorable because no one can remember where we ate that night!

The kids on the porch at the VT Country Store- holding the cheese boxes.

Thursday July 10. We were up early & Off to Vermont. No one but me was terribly enthusiastic but as the day progressed everyone perked up. We arrived in Waterbury around noon & the kids really enjoyed the waterfalls – though they would have liked to go swimming really! It wasn’t all that hot in VT. It was supposed to be up over 90 degrees in MA that day & the temperature never got over 75 while we were in VT! I was excited to find cheese boxes for sale quite cheap on the front porch of the Vermont Country Store! When I was about 13 a friend of my mother’s gave me a cheese box which I stained- painted & then decided to sand & start over. After I’d sanded it I liked the faded paint well enough that I never did anything else with it but store keepsakes in it. I have letters from friends & family going back as far as when I was 1 or 2 years old & My uncle used to write to me from Wales where he spent a year or two as an exchange college student- a tiny moccasin which I bought as a set for Ms 18 & all 3 kids wore as babies & ‘dock tags’ from the park where my brother & I learned to swim & spent entire summers swimming because my mother worked there. The kids have always loved to look at the things in the box & 18 especially has always wanted one. I got one for her & got another one for Miss 12 because she asked for one. We also picked up a bunch of odds & ends- checked out things I’d love to buy if I had the money- always a good goal to save for- (their summer weight nightgowns were even more beautiful than the flannel ones I have for winter from there) & had a great time looking around. Then we drove up the road (quite a ways) to Ben & Jerry’s factory & took the tour. The tour was a lot of fun & we got to try an ice cream flavor we hadn’t tried before- Cinnamon Buns- which has replaced (at least temporarily) Chocolate fudge brownie as my favorite B&J flavor! We had a nice dinner on the way home & arrived home around 11 pm. Long but fun day.

The kids having a photo op at Ben & Jerry’s factory. Poorly shot I admit but the next tour was coming in & I was hurrying.

I’ll continue another night because it’s getting late & I’m tired- dealing with my first full day back at work today & a shift shuffle thrust upon me literally within minutes of walking in the door- requiring my immediate attention because the shifts are effective on 7/26- that’s next Saturday!


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