Vacation By The Numbers

25209= miles driven total from the time I left my driveway on Monday night July 7 until I arrived back here yesterday around 4pm.

765= miles to my mother’s in MA from here (I love having 2 trip-ometors in my car’s dashboard!)

4= days we were at the beach- 3 in Hull MA- 1 in Hampton NH.

1 = day spent in VT With my mother- the VT country store was lovely & Ben & Jerry’s was a lot of fun!

447= miles traveled round trip to VT & back- all driven by me.

1 = # of movies seen- we saw Journey to the Center of the Earth last Friday night- a co-worker had given my mother a bunch of free passes to the movies & we weren’t at all sure that we’d be able to use them on a first run movie. Not only was there no problem with that- the movie theater was not even half full.

14 = $ that is- the cost of the theater’s ‘money saving’ package deal which included 2 medium drinks- a large pop corn & a bag of m&ms.

19 = hours since I’ve been home & I still haven’t seen Ms 18. (not exactly a bad thing)

1 day before I messed my phone up while on Vacation.

2 the # of screens it’s showing instead of 1 large readout I have a double image on the phone’s screen!

3 the # of times I stopped on the way home to nap- each time for less than an hour & a half.


5 thoughts on “Vacation By The Numbers

  1. Ann- Lol- I don’t think I could even begin to figure out how many ounces of tequila we consumed & I’m not sure I want to know!
    Andrea – I keep thinking of things to add to this list. I spent about $350. total on gas- including a $100. gas card my mother gave me because she won’t use gas stations that aren’t full service & the gas station the card was for has self serve only in her area.

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