One More Day….

And I’ll be on vacation! Only 8 more hours at work listening to people complain- whine & moan about the weather- equipment problems & satellite signal (& that’s just my co-workers!)

I’ve been very mature (by my standards) about this vacation I haven’t asked my boss for a half day off tomorrow without pay or penalty- I’ve been known to drive my supervisors nuts when it’s nearly time for us to leave on vacation.

Last year we left on Sunday night & I called in sick on Monday because we just couldn’t wait to go. this year- because I’ve been sick & used 2 sick days in the last 2 weeks I can’t do that but even if I had the days available I don’t think I would.

I’m broke this year. Seriously. For the whole vacation I have $500. spending money. I have separate money put away to get up there & drive back on. However for the whole trip food- gas while we’re up there & lodging if we try to stay anywhere but my mother’s house (& the visit to Ann’s is far enough away it would be difficult not to stay in a motel somewhere up that way at least one night)

So I’m less excited than I might ordinarily be. I’m also feeling a little weirded out about Ms 18 & the BF staying here. 18’s been my emotional support & friend along with being my daughter for so long it’s going to be strange to go to MA without her.

We’re taking Chrissie’s daughter with us so she can visit her grandmother for the duration of our visit & then we’ll pick her up on our way home & bring her back home to her mom safe & sound. This means that even without 18 & the BF we’ll have a fairly full car.

Ms 12 is excited about Sami coming for the ride but also annoyed because she was looking forward to filling 18’s shoes as my friend & confidant.  I’m sure with the drive to Ann’s & to see cousin J we’ll get plenty of time to chat though.

I’m supposed to be doing all the things on my to do list like trying on my bathing suits to see which one fits best & helping Ms 12 pack (Mr 8 & I packed his things last night) along with attempting to pack my own stuff. Here I sit though- checking out other peoples blogs & putting off the work!


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