Friday Fill in #79

1. Holidays in the summer are so much fun- though I wish we had a pool.

2. Garlic & Steak are my favorite things to grill.

3. My thoughts are focused on getting through the next four three days of work & heading out on vacation on the evening of the seventh!

4. The end so I can go on vacation is what I’m most looking forward to this weekend!

5. My favorite book so far this summer is well it wasn’t really summer- but The Glass Castle Jeanette Walls, has been my favorite book just lately.

6. A big stretch after sleeping in until I wake naturally rather than because the alarm clock is going off is the best way to begin a day.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to seeing fireworks in town with ms 12 & mr 8, tomorrow my plans include working- but only until 4:30- normal for most- seems like a vacation for me! and Sunday, I want to go on vacation but have to work & then go back one more time to do it again on Monday!


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