Summertime Blues

So the upshoot of my malaise is not that I have to work on the 4th of July- that alone would be ok. Even though I’m normally scheduled off on Fridays- they’ve changed the way getting holidays off work & I was ok with working memorial day & Labor day- I got Labor day off instead. So ok. I’ll work the holiday. What I was not prepared for & am not at all happy about is that I’m expected to work July 4th- my regular schedule & I don’t get another day off.

It’s also that I’m supposed to be off on Friday & as an exchange for any of the 5 days I work (Saturday through Wednesday) working Friday would be fine. I’d prefer Wednesday to pair with Thursday because then I’d have 2 days in a row off. But considering how messed up my voice is today- yesterday- any day this week would be fine. But no. I have Thursday off. Period. End of sentence- if I didn’t have my vacation days scheduled to begin on 7/8 I’d be working 5 days with 1 off & then another 6 days in a row. I just worked 10 days in a row without a day off the past 2 weeks in case anyone’s keeping score (I am) & I don’t really think this makes sense.

I’ll be making double time & a half though-I can comfort myself with that little tidbit & all things being equal I will need that money when we come back from vacation every bit as much as I need it now. (maybe more)

The day has been long & not too bad. It was fairly quiet at work & I got my training done. I canceled overtime I had signed up for before I knew I was doing 8 hours of overtime on Friday & came home early-ish. (as in 4:30 which is my normal time to go home- as opposed to 6:30 which is when I go home on days I do overtime) Having been scheduled to 7 pm for months on end (though I did work 10 hour days) it seems like a real live vacation to be out of work at 4:30- almost like a half day!

I came home to find 18 cooking BLTs for dinner (good on a hot evening & it was over 90 still when I arrived) 18’s BF online- 12 watching tv & 8 playing video games. The bacon was making me nauseous (I’ve never been a fan of it & tonight- with the heat the smell was just too much) So I adjourned to the hammock with my book & rested until the clouds & thunder got too threatening.

I was visited by miss 12 while in the hammock, she attempted to tip me out of it & take it over but settled in the end for sitting on the edge & talking with me for awhile. She is looking forward to going to Boston most of all on our trip to MA. She’s saved her bi-weekly allowance & her birthday money for a few weeks & has a grand total of $46. to take with her.

When it started to rain I went inside & checked email etc until the rain got too bad. 18 was outside enjoying the storm & called me out to check out how the rain was pouring onto the porch at a slant & then at how the rain moved in & we couldn’t even see the hill across the street – she was confused at why there was a strip of yellowed grass in the yard & then discovered that it was the sun shining from the west while the rain poured in from the south!

The mist that had covered the distant hill disappeared all of a sudden & Then we noticed a rainbow! It ended up being a double rainbow right across the street- though the second rainbow was too faint for my cell phone camera to pick it up.


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