Working it Over

aWhat does it say about the past 7 years of my life that to only work from 8 am to 4:30 pm seems almost like a half day? Of course- with my company’s policies I have to work overtime still- but 2 hours on Saturday & 2 on Sunday more than take care of that! (of course- this being the last time I have to make money to take on vacation I’m working an extra 2 hours Wednesday & am still considering whether to stay an hour or two tomorrow night)

Miss 18 applied for her first job last week- she applied where I work because they have a great starting wage- she hasn’t heard anything yet (not auspicious) & though she did try to call today to see what was going on the lady she needed to speak with was out to lunch & she didn’t call back- not too dedicated to getting a job I guess!

The construction company called me today to ask if I’d heard from my mortgage company because though the house was inspected almost 2 weeks ago no one on this end has seen the check for the cost (I wasn’t pursuing it because I don’t have my deductible & won’t have it at least until I get home from vacation. I bit the bullet though & when we were through discussing me calling the mortgage company tomorrow I told him the soonest I’ll have my share is July 18th & he said that would be just fine.

Weird month I heard through a surprising source that my grandmother’s favorite artist- Tasha Tudor had died last week & then today George Carlin has died- odd how it seems like people die in groups like that. I had been thinking about Tasha Tudor a lot lately because I have one of my grandmother’s prints framed by my bed- it hangs beside my calendar which is illustrated by my other favorite artist- Edward Gorey. I was considering the weirdness of this as the two are far removed both in style & content.

I decided this rather sums up my personality in a visual way at least- because I definitely love all the beautiful flowers- dolls- Christmas decorations & country scenes of Tasha Tudor’s– but I also love the pen & ink- dark- macabre humor & morbid stories that Edward Gorey was the unabashed master of. Of course- you could factor in that the old fashioned country & farm scenes may very well have played a large part in my decision to move here to VA. I guess it could be said that I’ve based my life on images from Tasha Tudor’s art.

The other thing about Tasha Tudor’s death is that somehow it brought up my Grandmother’s death in 2006 all over again really intensely.  She was a huge Tasha Tudor fan & I inherited much of her collection- She read the books to me- I looked at them on my own as a child (after proving my hands were clean – of course) I learned my alphabet from A is for Annabelle & to count from 1 is One. Two of her books are even written about a girl named Becky (my favorites of course!) I heard on Friday evening & I was depressed for a couple of days & didn’t even mention it to 18 or anyone else because I didn’t want to talk about it for fear I’d start crying- over someone I’d never met- silly- except of course- I know it would have been more about my Grandmother.

The new promotion at work is pretty good- it’s more money of course & we have quite a bit more leeway when it comes to helping customers- not so bound by limitations of adjustments & what we can do. The expectations are different though & we’re held to an even higher standard- which is good in some ways & difficult in others.


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