Nice- Restful- Long Weekend

Well- It’s been less restful than I would have liked- but if I’d gone back to work Saturday morning it would have been a lot less restful. We were out running around a lot of the weekend which I don’t really mind – but it’s so expensive– it seems like every time I left the house I had to put gas in my car.

Wednesday I went to work & did my 4 hours of overtime- as soon as I walked in my boss accosted me with a pile of papers which were to apply for the promotion to senior tech- the job I was in the pilot program for- she said if I got that filled out asap she could file it right away thus expediting my training class.

I filled it out as best I could & passed it in to her. Went home & got 18 who is so picky I find it easier to just take her with me when I go out to get groceries- I had been a little short on the food last shopping trip & so had to pick up some meats etc for a few meals- So we went & walked around the local grocery store- she visited with a friend who works in the deli & while I was asking for different lunch meats (it was still over 90 outside on Wednesday & home made subs & chips seemed like a good way to help to keep the kitchen as cool as possible.

While waiting on this my phone rang- I could tell it was someone from work though they have it set up so that you can’t tell who’s calling you- it all comes up on caller id the same generic phone #. I answered & it was my boss’ boss. He wanted to confirm that I was ready to take the promotion & explain how it’s going to work- the explanation is chaos itself- especially when you factor in that I’m away in MA from 7/8 to 7/19!

This next week (starting tomorrow- Monday) I’ll be in training & at work from 12 noon to 830 pm. Monday through Friday. Sometime close to the end of that time I’ll get to bid on a new shift- but my boss’ boss warned-we’ll be doing a big shift shuffle soon (I hope it won’t be while I’m on vacation is all I can say) so whatever shift I get I may not (probably won’t) have it for long!

I already miss the ‘good old days’ where 18 was around & I could take whatever schedule I wanted. While 18’s still- technically in the house- tomorrow shes going to be going to my work with a friend to apply & get some full time work in while college is out- She’s taking a full time class load in the fall though & wants to continue at my company part time in the fall since she- one of her best friends -A & her BF are all planning to move into a house or apartment by the end of the summer.

Because 18’s friend V will be my baby sitter & I’ll have to take her home each day after work- I want to stay on a day to early mid shift- I can’t make the 4- 10 hour day shifts my priority any longer (at least not for a few years- 12 is moving up- 18 babysat her siblings at 12 but 12 is nowhere near as mature as 18 was when she was 12.) being home in the late afternoon early evening & trying to have at least 1 weekend day off have to be my priorities. my ideal – (if I can’t get something like what I’m doing now- 8 am to 7 pm Saturday to Tuesday) would be 10 am to 630 pm with Friday Saturday off- I think.

So I discussed this all with my boss’ boss & he said he’d call me back & let me know for sure within the hour- he thought. 18 & I finished the groceries- picked up V to come visit & went home – everyone ate & 18 wanted to go out driving- as I mentioned in my post from the 11th – we went to the parkway & enjoyed the sunset.

I can’t get used to the younger kids being in camp during the week- they left at 815 & I slept until approximately 9 when the contractor called to set up a time to come do the final walk through- he arrived around 11 to find 18 & I breathlessly resting after a mad dash to clean up around the house a bit. He gave me the final bill. Which I was shocked to see was over 15 grand. more than 2 of that was the emergency repairs- the rest was the roof- fixing the broken beams (there turned out to be 2) repairing all 3 ceilings which were damaged & re-painting all 3 rooms- plus materials etc.

He gave me the bill but then told me not to worry about it today- they didn’t expect me to have the deductible until the insurance money was back- it’s still being held by my mortgage company- though they sent their inspector last week- I’m still a little worried because I know what the 2 checks I’ve received were for & even with my deductible – there’s a discrepancy of over 1200. I assume the insurance company will send another check for that part of it.

The rest of Thursday was uneventful- I read in the hammock- did a little online & waited for my boss’ boss to call me back as he hadn’t the day before after all- I called him 4 or 5 times but only left 1 voice mail because I didn’t want to nag. Finally- at 4 when I know he leaves at 5 & is off on Friday & Saturday I called the main line & had them xfer me to him- he was at his desk of course- (I had called direct 5 minutes before & he didn’t answer then though) So it was confirmed that I was all set- which meant 5 days off in a row!

On Friday I had to get up with 12 & 8 because 18 & I had to go to her college to fill out forms- that took a couple of hours & she was a nervous wreck- she had put off writing a 200 to 400 word essay she had to submit to be considered for a grant- & though she had it written (finished Tuesday) she hadn’t copied it neatly into the application- so while I drove us there she was writing it all out- She completed it in the counselor’s office- then we filled out papers- then we went to a computer lab & filled out more forms online. What a mess! I had forgotten there was so much to it.

From there 18 & I went to C’burg & picked up 12’s birthday presents- we got her a bunch of nice things- it ended up being a one stop shopping trip to Target because we pretty much found everything she’d asked for- she really wanted a Tamagotchi & a new MP3 player- we got those plus some really nice lip balms- make up bags – a book we thought she’d like etc. Then we went to lunch at Olive Garden- just 18 & I – that was nice. I decided I wanted to grab a few more items & went to Old Navy to check out the clearance- that worked out wonderfully & I was quite satisfied.

When we got home 18 was tired but 8 was more than happy to get some advance knowledge on his sister’s gifts by helping me wrap them- when we brought them out to the dining room 12 was able to guess a bunch of them just by the shape of the packages- my father used to do that & it drove my mother nuts! I felt somewhat the same- but I was pleased that she couldn’t tell what the new MP3 player was & thought some lip balm was headphones- thus throwing her off of the idea that she was getting an MP3 player.

After dinner- it was getting gray out & we all went out side to the porch to watch the storm come in. It came in with a lot of heavy thunder & only about 10 minutes of heavy rain. However- part way through it there was a hugely loud popping noise & 18 started freaking out- looking over my shoulder- even her BF was looking shocked- I turned in time to see the second blue ball of light shoot out of the transformer & sparks fall to the ground from our light pole. The computer- the tv- everything was on in the house!

Of course all the fans ground to a stop & there was no power at all in there- I came in & turned off the main switch & called the power company- we were laying bets as to how long it would be- hours- a day or two- I was a little annoyed because I had planned to make 12’s cake after it was dark so the house wouldn’t be so hot & get hotter with the oven on- the house was nice & cool after the storm passed- but with no power- no oven!

The electric company saved the day- for the first time ever- they were at our house within an hour & a half- we hadn’t even gotten tired of sitting outside & talking when the guy pulled up-he said some of the branches on the trees had hit the transformer in the wind & caused it to short. He cut the branches- pulled the fried wood out of the transformer & after about 20 minutes was through & drove off- we waited about 20 more minutes before they turned the power back on & miraculously there was nothing blown up! Everything works still!

I made the cake next & went to bed fairly early. 8- 18 & I went to town early in the morning for streamers & a few more odds & ends type gifts- we also picked up tubes that make cool noises when you spin them & water pistols for all- because it’s not summer until there are water pistols available. We came home & frosted the cake- a butterfly- 12’s choice & 12 & 8 helped with the decorating.

I made dinner early & we got all the gifts wrapped & another storm came up so we went outside to watch the thunder & lightning again. 8 got out his water pistols & we ended up having a water fight during the thunderstorm. After dinner we had the gifts- 12 was completely surprised about the MP3 player & especially loved the nightgown I got her at Old Navy. The cake was excellent & everyone had a great time. We had been going to play games but with one thing & another just didn’t get to it- 12 got new sheets for her bed & spent a lot of time putting them on & neatening her room up with her new things etc & it just didn’t happen.

So this morning after 18 made pancakes we played rummy to 1000. Cleaned out the garage (again) & I got more laundry on the clothesline (you should know there is always laundry going on in the background if I’m at home) I’m up to 3 piled high baskets in my living room for tonight’s tv viewing- laundry folding ‘fest’- I’m so glad I don’t have to get up at 630 tomorrow morning!


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