Friday Fill In # 76

1. Seeing the sun set over the ocean (never been further west than Houston TX) is high up on my bucket list.
2. My favorite quote is “Well I’m near the end- and I just ain’t got the time- and I’m wasted- and I can’t find my way home”; it’s from Blind Faith’s Can’t Find my way Home.
3. Chrissea inspired me to start blogging.
4. Strawberries are best with shortcake – whipped cream & only once a year.
5. I was running around a town I’ve never been in- in the last dream I remember having.
6. The most enjoyable time to go for a walk is in the early evening.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to wrapping miss 12’s birthday gifts, tomorrow my plans include baking a cake for 12’s birthday party & giving her a birthday party and Sunday, I want to work on my garden- the path to the creek at the bottom of our hill & rest up for my ‘grueling’ week of training for my new job at my same company- more money too- Yay!!

House with the new roof (it’s brown as opposed to gray)


5 thoughts on “Friday Fill In # 76

  1. First of all, congrats on your new position! That’s great 🙂

    Happy birthday to 12 🙂 Guess she’ll have to start being 13 tomorrow!

    I love that song by Blind Faith…

    Have fun this weekend and thanks for playing 🙂

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