So Whats New?

Too much time has passed since I wrote- there is no way I could even begin to put in an entry for every day I was off line (3 weeks) so the blog 365 will have to fall to the wayside for this year- yes I know I could treat it like a diet & not give up just because I had one lapse…. But I found while I was offline just how seriously addicted I was & I’m determined not to go there again.

I have no doubt that on Thursdays & Fridays while 11 & 8 are at camp I’ll be online non stop still. I am however- planning not to be on for more than an hour after work any longer (especially while I’m still on this 8am to 7pm shift) There’s only so much time in a day- a week- a life & I don’t want to look back someday & see that all I have to show for my life is a web page.

That’s not to say I am not going to write- I’ve been really missing the writing part of this & if I was more focused & had bothered to verbally record some of my ideas in the car while driving to & from work I’d have enough blog fodder for months! Of course I’m not so many of those great ideas will be lost to the world- ha. ha.

I will do a post (heavy on pictures) about 18’s graduation eventually (you read that on my days off) Other than the house being completed (for the most part) there isn’t much new. I planted my garden- we chose yellow to paint the dining room- 18 & 11 compromised on teal for the bedroom which is 18’s currently & will be 11’s when 18 & the BF move out later this summer (they both need jobs which pay first) 18’s going to work at my place of employment if they’ll take her with green hair. I bought her spacers for her lip rings Friday in preparation for her interview which in typical 18 style she’s putting off until next Monday. (I’ll admit she gave me a reasonably good excuse- we have to go to the college she’s attending this week & discuss financing & her classes & since my company is fairly inflexible even for part timers she wants to have her class schedule before she files her application.)

The kittens are growing by leaps & bounds. Pictures will have to wait as I can’t find any kittens to take pictures of right now- they learned to navigate the stairs last week & it’s been a mess keeping track of them since then. They especially like the under couch area because the slip covers provide some hiding space.

The summer camp program is- at least on this one thing- right on the ball – the schedule begins tomorrow- 2 weeks after school ended & it’s just the right amount of time- 11 & 8 are already beginning to groan about being bored & they’re starting to try to spend the entire day in front of the tv- it’s time!

I’m still working on a schedule to keep them home from camp- it’s supposed to be fairly flexible that way & as I’m very anti-over scheduling my kids & pro- spending time with them when I’m off from work- I’m thinking about having one home on Thursday one week & the other home on the next Thursday- then the idea of spending time with both of them together is good too- Of course the plan was originally that I’d keep them out of camp on the day I get paid (every other Friday) but as luck would have it the camp has field trips scheduled for every other Friday & it’s the same Fridays I get paid!


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