What I’m Doing While Offline

A lot of reading is the main answer, I’ve watched a few movies on TV, put my garden in & begun embroidering hand towels again. We’re all bored & interestingly enough, though I’m the one the kids all say is addicted to the internet, checking my email every few days from here in the ‘internet cafe’ at work has been about enough. I probably could have put the computer back online Friday night, but opted to plant the garden instead.

18 & the BF are probably going to put the computer back together today (though they hadn’t begun when I went to lunch at 3pm) I’m not hopeful, the roofers from the contractor who did the roof due to the tree falling on it had told me when they began the roof work that they could take a bolt out of the base of my Wildblue dish, put the shingles etc beneath it & then put it back, unbolting & re-bolting all of them one at a time. I was skeptical but willing to see what happened.

Then on the day after they completed the roof (it looks great btw) the guy who said that before confessed that he’d taken the Wildblue dish down & reinstalled it. He said that he used to work for Directtv & felt like he knew enough to not mess with the alignment. In my nearly 7 years of experience in the industry, I can say that just bolting it down in the same location it was before is not always enough to ensure that you’ll have a signal when you’re through.

He admitted this is possible, said all I’d need to do would be contact the insurance adjuster & tell him the situation & the insurance would pick up the cost of re-installation (that would be nice, but I know the deal, I’ll have to come up with the $199. it will cost & then be reimbursed, I hope the IRS comes through pretty soon with that stimulus check!)

Work is frustrating & home is crazy, we put most of the furniture back where it belonged on Friday & the new light in the kitchen & the newly painted walls make everything look great! 18’s bedroom included is very pretty in her & 11’s joint decision color of teal. (I of course agreed, it being my favorite color)

I understand I have to do a walk through with the assistant on the house sometime soon & I hope they realize that the mortgage co will need to do a walk through too. Not something I’m looking forward to at all!




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