On The Other Hand- It gets me out of the house

We’re still in the throes of construction, everything in my dining room has been shifted from one side of the room to the other – twice, my kitchen is a mess, the toaster & coffe maker are on top of the clothes dryer & there are shingles galore all over my yard.

18 & I especially are suffering twitches from not being able to use the internet & I’m more & more convinced that the Wildblue dish will have to be repointed when this is all over & done with. I check email from work but when they gave me their blogging policy it included a statement that I would not blog from work.

Which seems ridiculous to me, I could see if I was a supervisor & had internet access at my desk, but I’m using the ‘internet cafe’ which is for the general populace to use while on break. If I’m on break or lunch or go in there right after work (or before my scheduled shift) I’m on my own time & it seems like I should be able to use it (I have, but only for those 2 paragraph entries which say I’m alive but can’t talk right now.

So here I am at the library on my day off. When I should be at the laudromat, I have the laundry in the car, but I wanted to check my paycheck, (funny how you never realize just how much you use your computer for -until you can’t use it)

We’re also still suffering water issues, it’s alleviated somewhat because there is water- it doesn’t seem to be a dry well. I can go to the basement & use a hose attached to a spigot that comes in before the reserve tank & the kids & I can haul water in buckets & pans & gallon jugs upstairs. But it doesn’t come out of the faucet, or if it does, it only works for a little while, I got a shower yesterday morning, (for the first time in a week) but after the shower I flushed the toilet & now the only water we have is what we’ve hauled upstairs from the basement.

Last week when I called the plumber he felt it had to be the pump, I called the pump guy he recommended & before he showed up the water came back (as it does) then it went away & 18’s BF’s boss (who is a  jack of all trades) came over – it was him who found the spigot works- which suggests the well is not dry, the pump in the ground works, & that it has to be something in the house plumbing.

It turned out that 18’s BF’s boss is an acquaintance from 18’s child hood & also had been to our house for repairs before we lived in it, he said that it was not the first time the house has had weird water issues just like the ones we are having & that it’s beyond his knowledge to fix it. So I’m back at square one & am dreading calling the plumber to explain this to him & ask him to come back out. I’m seriously considering trying a different plumber too.

I wish I could put up pictures of the house in progress, but the library won’t let me do so, the roof is about 1/3 done, the ceilings in the kitchen & dining room are finished & they’re supposed to paint the rooms that were damaged tomorrow. Because we live so far from their office (I wanted someone local, but the insurance agency didn’t have anyone any closer than Roanoke) they work a half day at my house & then go somewhere else for the rest of the day so it’s slow going, since I don’t have my IRS check yet, I’m not really in a hurry because I need that money in order to pay my deductible !


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