It’s my Favorite!

1. What’s your favorite color ? Turquoise.

2. Who’s your favorite Beatle ? John

3. What’s your favorite cooking spice ? Garlic

4. What’s your favorite book ?  I could never narrow it down to 1

5. Favorite explorer ? Um- perhaps Christopher Columbus?

6. Favorite post it note size ? The 2 inch squares- anything smaller is too small- larger is usually a waste of space

7. Favorite Barbara Streisand movie ?  I’ve only seen Yentyl so I guess that would have to be it.

8. Favorite adjective ? Cool

9. Favorite car ? 1971 Mustang Fastback. (Mine would be green)

10. Favorite Rat Packer ? Uhhh- Can I name a Rat packer? Tony Bennet maybe?

11. Favorite Brat Packer ? Demi Moore- she’s overcome so much to get where she is.

12. Favorite Green Bay Packer ? Once again can I name one ? Nope I can’t.

13. Favorite City ? Boston!

14. Favorite song ? Like books I don’t think I could narrow it down to just one. Currently I’m listening to Filter’s Take A Picture & Eddie Vedder’s  Big Hard Sun every chance I get.

15. Favorite adhesive ? Super Glue

16. Favorite ex of Liz Taylor’s ?  The one who was so much younger than her.

17. Favorite Brady ? Alice- she was always so matter of fact about everything

18. Favorite Christmas Carol ?  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

19. Favorite animated monkey ? Where are my references- the kids aren’t here to give me a list of animated monkeys- wasn’t there a warner brothers cartoon with an ape grabbing Bugs Bunny? That one will do.

20. Favorite Writing Implement ? Papermate pens in blue- always- they’re slow to start but once the ink is flowing they’re very smooth.

21. Favorite soap ? I buy Oil of Olay bar soap but only use it to shave with- I use this body scrub called Sanctuary Mandelular which is awesome- the scent is out of this world!

22. Favorite vegetable ? Spinach- no broccoli- no potatoes- no green beans- no cucumbers. Well I love vegetables so I can’t really say

23. Favorite superhero ? Batman

24. Favorite Brian Dennehey movie ? Eh– Romeo + Juliet I guess.

25. Favorite prehistoric family ? The Rubbles.

26. Favorite TV Show ? Now or ever? Now would be Medium I guess – ever may very well be Jericho.

27. Favorite movie villain ?  Christopher Walken in most anything- but especially in At Close Range

28. Favorite candy ? It depends- for a couple of years it has been Skor bars- but just lately I’ve been on a Caramello kick & my kids can tell you I will never turn down Peppermint Patties.

29. Favorite movie ? Eye of The Beholder Or At Close Range (this has to be a tie)

30. Favorite berry ? Raspberries hands down.

31. Favorite breakfast cereal ? Apple Jacks or Froot Loops.


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