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Too gray to take many pictures today- I was gratified that I at least managed to get the laundry off the line before it started raining. I was up & around bright & early- feeling shocked & appalled at how messy the house was- I got the couch & chair covers straightened- had breakfast- picked up dirty laundry – 11 has this thing about getting dressed in the living room & leaving clothes all over the room- started a wash- washed the dishes I couldn’t do last night because it was 11 & 8’s shower night last night.

It was still only 9:15 & the co-foremen weren’t here yet. Not surprised- it always takes people longer to get here than they think it will- especially from Roanoke- the mountain is no joke & today – being so gray & cool I bet it was foggy- I got online – remembered I hadn’t checked the amount of my paycheck online last night -that was my excuse- when they showed up around 9:45 I went out side with them to discuss the different materials which they’ll need for the repairs. The guy who had called me went over the listings of things that have to be done.

Page by page- the dining room- the kitchen- the garage- 18’s room & 4 separate pages of roof repairs- one for the back- the front- the garage & the part of the roof which covers the front porch. Then they came inside & explained how- because of the broken joist in my kitchen they’re going to start there- rip 3 panels of ceiling out after moving my fridge & tacking up plastic in front of my sink & counters- they strongly suggested we move everything off the counters & said we will have to move everything off of the fridge etc.

They will do what they have to in the kitchen & then tack up plastic over the top while they do the roof- after they’re through with the roof- the gutters & all the other outside work they’ll do the garage-18’s room & the dining room then finish the kitchen. Yes this is going to SUCK!

However the end result should be excellent- including the whole new roof- after my mental debate last night about the shingles I ended up deciding today on bark brown just like I chose when the original guy brought me samples to choose from. Funny how they work in teams- the first guy came in looked it over – patted my hand- showed me shingles & measured the rooms. These guys were a lot more business oriented- making lists of the sheathing- shingles- ceiling spackle & paint that they will need for this endeavor.

They were nice enough- one – the older- rather dour one was from upstate New York- he reminded me of one of my uncles- didn’t say much & most of what he did say was rather negative- but he did comfort me because it dawned on me while they were on my roof determining something or other- that my internet dish is mounted on the roof & would have to come down. When I asked him about this he said it wouldn’t have to come down & described a process in which he could keep the dish in alignment & do the roof- I wish roofers who encounter the satellite dishes I troubleshoot would do what he said he does- because (if it works & I’m still a little doubtful) it would make a lot of my customers happier & save me a lot of arguing on the phone.

The other guy was younger & pretty outgoing- at first he seemed like a normal VA type guy- especially when he first got here & unloaded a mouthful of tobacco on my lawn. (Yech) but a couple of times in the first 15-20 minutes I caught that accent- the one I grew up with. Then in my kitchen he said something I believe it was the work ‘floor’ & it came out ‘flooah’ Sure enough – he’s from MA- Plymouth to be exact & so was quite familiar with where I actually grew up- armpit of the south shore- Rockland.

I was surprised & not exactly pleased when they said they’d be up first thing Monday morning- Monday? as in 4 days from now? And I’m supposed to clean off the top of the fridge- my countertops & stove- 18’s supposed to take everything off her walls? My garage is a pit from hell & I was going to do that this afternoon but now- well- uh oh. In thinking about it after they left I realized that they were going to have 18’s room pretty open air for at least a few days too. Which means either 18 & the BF were going to be sleeping on the living room floor or we needed to clean 11’s room too.

When I went to get 18 & broke the news to her she was less than thrilled- but felt if they brought their mattress into 11’s room & put it on top of hers & just took their actual bed apart to make room for the roofers/builders what ever you want to call them- that it would be ok. We went to the store & then on the way home I realized I’d forgotten to stop & get boxes to store stuff in- everything has to come off of 18’s walls too- So we went up to the Village Mart above our house & 18 went in to get boxes- they told her we’d need to go around back & get some because they were all out back there.

We were both grossed out at what we found there- a couple of cow carcasses. I was fascinated- 18 was horrified- especially when I took pictures- I said it always amazed me & she asked- as she was loading boxes into the car ‘what amazes you? Anatomy?’
I replied- no- how close we live to our food here- when I was a kid & I saw meat on a Styrofoam tray wrapped in plastic wrap at Stop & Shop it seemed to have nothing to do with the cows we saw on the rare occasions we went for ice cream – let alone cucumbers- tomatoes & lettuce’ She shrugged this off- we’re working on our 11th year here in VA- & of course- before that we lived in a country like setting in MA so I guess it’s not weird to her- but it still is to me.

We came home & went upstairs to 11’s room immediately much to the BF’s glee since he was home from work on account of the rain & online- since I went upstairs he didn’t have to get off the computer- 18 & I tackled 11’s mess of a room with 11’s help after she arrived home from school- until 3:40 when I had to take the two of them to the doctor’s office for shots- 11 will be entering 6th grade next year & needs some shots for that & they both got their final HPV shot. Which I’m glad is finished because I don’t have to hear any more about how much it hurts.

I pointed out to 18 when she was whining about as the doctor was preparing the shots – that it’s preferable to cervical cancer & she stupidly said ‘how would you know’ not thinking of the fact that I had it in 1988. The doctor walked back in during this diatribe of mine & took it as an open invitation to remind me that it’s been something like 3 years since my last pap smear & I need to come have one done. It’s not the pap smear I mind really- (not that it’s comfortable mind you- but at least I know I’m doing some thing good for myself) it’s the cost of the lab tests- last time I had it done it was $140. Just for the lab testing & they hounded me & harassed me- I paid them $10 a month until it was paid off & swore never again.

We got dinner out & brought it back to ‘the guys’ who stayed at home- after dinner 18-11 & I went back upstairs to finish 11’s room & it looks great now! While we were finishing up 8 came upstairs annoyed because a tv show wasn’t recording- it’s something we all like so 18 went to see why it wasn’t recording in her room & came back almost immediately to tell me to come quick- there was a tornado watch on our county!

It is amazing to see where you live marked in red for something like that- weak ass hurricanes is all we ever had in MA when I was growing up- really tornadoes are unusual here in the mountains though in the past 2-3 years there’s been at least one a year in the eastern parts of VA. We were definitely getting heavy thunder- lightning & rain – 8 came up & said there were small pieces of hail falling. We didn’t get any actual twisters but the wind did howl something fierce or awhile. (We never lost our satellite tv though & as far as I know 18’s BF didn’t have any trouble with the satellite internet either!)

While we were working on 11’s room 8 picked up his room & worked on the garage- 18’s BF gave him a hand on the garage a bit too. That just leaves the kitchen for me to tackle tomorrow – & of course I have 4 big baskets full of clean laundry to fold tonight- in order for the kitchen to be empty enough to rearrange tomorrow!

Grocery shopping tomorrow night – bleah- I’m getting quite tired of it- but there isn’t exactly any other way to get it done- maybe I’ll buy my meats locally though – they certainly are fresh!


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