Day Of Good Tidings

So I went to work for overtime today- I could only get 3 hours in though- when I signed up the 1 pm to 2 pm block was already gone. When I asked my new supervisor (did I mention I changed ‘teams’ ? This group is in the building the same days I am – although they’re on a 8-430 5 days a week schedule.) about doing overtime she felt like she’d be able to sign me up for the full 4 hours for next week more easily than I could through the ‘overtime’ computer. I’m happy about that because although I don’t mind walking out the door at 1pm into bright sunshine if I’m going to drive 56+ roundtrip miles to work & back I want to be sure I have made enough money to cover the gas to do so easily.

Not a problem as far as my new supervisor is concerned. However- other things were not as wonderful on other work fronts- they’re opening the chat option that I’ve been doing for the last few months up to more people & because of that I have to interview for the position even though I already have it- it also may mean that I may have to change shifts yet again- if I pass the interview process it definitely means I’ll have to change desks again! I brought a bunch of my stuff home today in preparation for the moving around because I just changed desks Tuesday morning & decided I had entirely too much stuff at work.

The desk move has been good- I always feel disoriented after a desk move for about a week & it makes the days at work pass more quickly when I’m disoriented- I am not sure why that is but it is & I’m grateful for anything that helps to make the days pass quicker. Now that I’m with a supervisor every day again I’m sure I’ll have to behave myself better & not log out to pee so often (of course- when you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go!)

When I was nearly ready to leave I snuck a peek at my cell phone & found I had 2 new messages- the first was the Doctor’s office reminding me that 11 & 18 have their final anti HPV shot tomorrow. And one from the ‘co-foreman’ of my construction site! When I called them back they scheduled an appointment to come do a site survey tomorrow morning ! I am so excited that it’s finally getting started & I get to meet the guys who are in charge of making my life a living Hell fixing the tree damage- the roof- the ceilings- the walls & the windows.

He- or they- more accurately- they- are coming tomorrow morning- as in as soon as they can get here from Roanoke- like 8:30 am! I’m not too thrilled about that part of it- but I am excited to be getting an idea of how much- how long- how many people etc. Are going to be involved in this – I was surprised that he said he was bringing shingle samples because I thought I had already chosen one- but I’m somewhat relieved that I get another choice- because I was so surprised last time that I don’t think I made the correct choice- of course being obsessive occasionally I realize that I’m likely to always think I made the wrong choice.

I’m also apprehensive about people being around on my roof & my kitchen- dining room & 18’s bedroom as much as they’re likely to be during this process. It certainly will be a challenge to deal with hammering- banging & the general chaos of repairs which will be with us for awhile. They’re supposed to re-paint my dining room & kitchen because of the ceiling replacement- I am going to have to insist on them matching the paint in the kitchen but I’m reconsidering my maroon plan for the dining room.

Someone was of the opinion that a pale butter yellow would go well in my dining room & as it has no windows to the outside- only 1 which looks into the garage & a door on each wall to the other rooms in the house I realize a light color really would be better than the dark color I had planned to paint it (I’ve had the paint under the benches which make up my seating for my dining room table for a couple of years now) I’ve painted in yellow before- we had at least 2 separate bathrooms while I was married to the ex which were yellow with bright sunflowers stenciled around the top of the room. If I have the contractors do yellow paint in my dining room I’d probably want to do the sunflowers.

I have issues with this though. I don’t think sunflowers are exactly apropriate in a dining room as I always think of a dining room as a formal room & sunflowers aren’t formal. However- nothing else about me or my house is formal in the least & of course my dining room is as informal as they come- after all- the computer is in here! On the flip side of that there is certainly a feeling of the need to have a room I like to be in since I spend an awful lot of time on the computer in here.

I have had my heart set on a dark red room with a fleur de lis stencil in gold (I have the paint & the stencil already- just waiting for me to get around to it) for years- ever since I read the first book I read by Judith Merkle Riley– The Oracle Glass- If you’re into the occult & don’t mind a book set in 17th century France it’s an excellent read & well worth the time to find it. (as are all her books- In my opinion) The protagonist in the book’s grandmother’s room was painted in this way & It just caught my imagination & I thought it would be an excellent way to paint a room. I’m not afraid of deep color in a room- my bedroom in the trailer was an excellent shade of blue. And in an apartment we had in Haverhill MA- The ex’s & my bedroom was a very dark purple (it looked lighter on the chip) That was the apartment that I tried to paint miss 18’s bedroom light blue & it came out looking more like the inside of a pool!

Another drawback to the maroon walls is I have never been able to decide what color the trim should be 18 says black but I think that would make it too oriental looking. White on the other hand would be crisp but maybe a little more country than French. I know the woodwork couldn’t stay the natural brown it is right now though & I don’t care at all for the white-cream-gray paneling which is here now. I don’t mind the paneling exactly only the fact that it shows everything & is marked- chipped & dirty. Yes I have cleaned it from time to time but with my kids- it gets dirty again so quickly!

So I’ve digressed again- not that anyone cares but the rest of my day consisted of picking up 18 from school- listening to her fuss about the school secretary (again) going to the Harvest Moon for Garlic & dealing with the post office issue. I’ve had a P.O. Box since we moved into this house- partly as a way to have an address to give to the ex so he wouldn’t have our home address- that point is moot now- he has been here multiple times & definitely knows where we live. The other reason was to have a safe secure place to have bills etc mailed to – since our mailbox doesn’t stay closed & the mail sits out there for hours on end most days- but credit companies insist you have your physical address on everything so it was a useless plan.

I decided that when the post office box was up for renewal we wouldn’t renew. So I had to go in & take care of getting the mail forwarded to the house. We ran a few more errands & came home where I made my chicken with garlic & red wine vinegar sauce for dinner with 11’s help. Laundry was attempted- the water is very low this week so it is with mixed emotions that I hear that we’re supposed to have scattered showers for the next 4 or 5 days. Because while I need water in the well to continue to wash clothes – I’d also like to get the wet clean clothes dry- the wind is whipping up as I type & the laundry on the line has only been there about 2 & 1/2 hours & so is nowhere near dry yet- it’s going to get a whole lot wetter before it does dry- it looks like now!


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